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Oct 8, 2009 01:51 PM

Cream of Crab Soup-Anne Arundel County

Where - in Anne Arundel County - is your favorite cream of crab soup served? My BFF is coming up from Florida and I'm taking her on a tasting tour for CREAM of CRAB SOUP in ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY only.

I see Ports of Call won the prize at last month's Seafood Festival and was written up in the Capital. I love Sunset's in Glen Burnie. My BFF was wowed by Wharfside Inn in Davidsonville last year.

I'm drawing my geographic boundary at Anne Arundel County but that should still leave you lots of possibilities.


As an aside, here is how I grade restaurants on how they serve cream of crab:

As a matter of course, they bring the side of sherry when bringing you the soup: A+
You ask for the side of sherry when they bring the soup and they say, "right away" : A-
They look at you quizzically when you ask for the sherry but then go get it: B
They tell you that the soup already has sherry in it: C
They go to the bar, find some sherry, and charge you for a shot: D

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  1. Lista's in Pasadena on Mountain Road (Rte 177) has a cream of crab that was shockingly good for a Tex-Mex joint. The sherry was not on the side, but you could taste it in the soup:

    Please post back once you've done your tour!

    1. It's been a while, so maybe someone will correct me if things have changed - but we took my mom to Pirate's Cove in Annapolis for lunch and they had good cram of crab soup, sherry served on the side when bringing the soup.

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        Expand your search, cross the Bay Bridge and in eight miles or so in Kent Narrows you'll find the best cream of crab soup in the state of Maryland at the Narrows. You'll also pay $8 or 9 for a bowl of it but there's a lot of lump local crabmeat to go with heavy whipping cream, sherry and butter.

      2. You might give Edgewater on mayo Rd a try. I usually sit at the bar, so sherry is not an issue (it's in there anyway). Try their crabcakes too! Far and away the best in AA CO.

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          Totally agree with the soup @ Edgewater Restaurant, it is completely decadent, rich, not overly creamy like some that are thickened with roux, lots of jumbo lump....the best we have had anywhere. We go to Pirate's Cove quite often since it is convenient, and I would not even put their soup in a category with Edgewater's. (By the way, it is not far from the Wharfside, maybe a couple of miles.

          1. re: JRCann

            Quote: "Far and away the best in AA CO"

            let's face it that means world class!