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Oct 8, 2009 01:44 PM

Prepared pot luck main in Westmount?

I'm going to a thanksgiving pot-luck on Saturday night(8 pm), due to scheduling I'll really only be able to pick something up. I'm not too familiar with the area( Sherbrooke/Victoria) , I know that a large grocery store is at that corner but have no idea as to what it contains in terms of things. Any reccomendations for some kind of fun /unusual dish?
thanks in advance,cheers.
P.s I know that a microwave is available but I might not be able to use oven.

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  1. Hard to say ... with little no or preparation... you could get a platter of veggies (boring), or chips and dips (boring)...

    In front of the Metro (supermarket), on Victoria, there's a japanese store that sells good sushis, you could order a platter from them (better than the ones at the Metro).
    There's also a new "fancy-ish" food store, also on Victoria , you could see if they have enough of whatever they are selling that day in their section of prepared food (mostly expansive).

    There's also a bakerie on Victoria where you could order a batch of cupcakes or other sweets; there's a "Patisserie Gascogne" on Sherbrooke where you could find prepared stuff (but I'm not familiar with the place)

    good luck.

    1. Patisserie Gascogne has a nice selection of prepared food - they usually have a tourte provencal, some quiches, and a few other prepared dishes - best to call ahead to ensure they have something, and will put it aside for you. There's also a place across the street from it on Sherbrooke, can't think of the name offhand, (I think it used to be Eatz, not sure it's still called that) that has many prepared dishes as well. Between the two of them you should be able to find something that will work.

      1. There is an Italian grocery store called "Cavalleros" where you could pick up some great pizza or some prepared salads and pastas. Just to warn you though.. if you are only going at 8pm most places on Sherbrooke will be closed except the Metro grocery store and the restaurants. You could also do dessert and pick up a Dairy Queen treatza pizza which are great for a party.

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          This place is great but probably nothing will be left by 8pm. Also, it's a bit pricey for a large group. Take out sushi is always a hit. You can order it in advance and have it delivered to your party....

        2. The place on the south side of Sherbrooke near to the dried fruit and nuts place has some great prepared food.

          1. The only places open at that time of day on a Saturday are Metro, Dairy Queen and Bilboquet - the latter having a few other things besides icecream and sorbets. If you're really stuck, head down to Chalet BBQ just past Decarie and then hoof it back by taking the 24 bus from the corner of Decarie Blvd and Sherbrooke. As others have said Gascogne has all sorts of interesting things but I think it closes at 6pm on a Saturday (maybe as early as 5:30). There's a cheese store just past the Dairy Queen, but, again, I doubt it's open as late as 8pm.

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              Chalet may not be a bad idea for a potluck contribution, though if the OP is headed for a Thanksgiving feast and the oven might be off-limits, the host's contribution is probably a bird.

              In the OP's shoes I'd talk to the host and see what I could bring that I'd be likely to find in the area given the time constraints.

              As for the 24 bus... it runs approximately once every half an eternity, especially on weekends. Taxi or walking would be the way to go.