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Oct 8, 2009 01:24 PM

Birthday dinner in Franschhoek

We will be in Franschhoek for my boyfriend's birthday. Any recommendations where to celebrate? He loves vegetables and cheese, but is not a vegetarian.

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  1. I guess THE place for a celebration is The Tasting Room. but if that is not to your taste, there are lots of other good restaurants such as Reubens, Mon Plaisir, Mange Tout, Bon Vivant, Bouillabaise etc. Here is a list!

    1 Bread and Wine
    Happy Valley Road , Franschhoek
    Food type: Bistro, Deli
    Ambience: Comfy & Casual Good but better for lunch

    3 Col'Cacchio (Franschhoek)
    66 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek
    Food type: Light meals, Pizzas,Italian
    Ambience: Comfy & Casual, Contemporary Cool - Just if yopu want a pizza!

    5 Genot Restaurant
    Franschoek, Klein Genot Wine & Country Estate, Franschhoek
    Food type: Contemporary,South African
    Ambience: Classic Elegance, Contemporary Cool

    6 ICI at Le Quartier Français
    16 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Contemporary, French
    Ambience: Comfy & Casual

    8 Le Verger at Le Franschhoek Hotel
    16 Minor Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Buffet, Deli, Pizzas, Seafood, Grills, Asian,South African
    Ambience: Contemporary Cool, Family Friendly

    9 Mange Tout Restaurant (Mont Rochelle Hotel)
    Dassenberg Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Contemporary, International
    Ambience: Classic Elegance

    10 Reuben's Restaurant & Bar
    19 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Contemporary
    Ambience: Comfy & Casual

    21 Klein Oliphant's Hoek
    14 Akademie Street, Franschhoek
    Food type: Seafood
    Ambience: Classic Elegance

    22 La Brasserie (ex La Fromagerie)
    13 Daniel Hugo Street, Franschhoek
    Food type: Bistro, Light meals, French
    Ambience: Classic Elegance

    23 La Petite Ferme
    Franschhoek Pass Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Fusion, African, Asian
    Ambience: Comfy & Casual - better for lunch

    24 Le Bon Vivant
    22 Dirkie Uys Street, Franschhoek
    Food type: Contemporary, Fusion, International
    Ambience: Classic Elegance

    26 Mon Plaisir @ Chamonix
    Chamonix Farm, Uitkyk street, Franschhoek
    Food type: Bistro, French
    Ambience: Authentic Culture, Comfy & Casual

    27 Monneaux Restaurant
    Main Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Fusion, Asian, French
    Ambience: Classic Elegance, Comfy & Casual

    28 Relais Gourmand
    Le franschhoek Hotel & Spa 16 Minor Road Franschhoek, Franschhoek
    Food type: Seafood, Fusion, International, Asian
    Ambience: Classic Elegance

    29 Salmon Bar at The Yard
    38 Huguenot road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Deli, Continental, Mediterranean
    Ambience: Classic Elegance, Contemporary Cool

    32 The French Connection Bistro
    Cnr Huguenot and Bordeaux streets, Franschhoek
    Food type: Bistro, French
    Ambience: Comfy & Casual

    33 Topsi & Co
    7 Reservoir Street West, Franschhoek
    Food type: South African
    Ambience: Authentic Culture

    12 Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français
    16 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Contemporary
    Ambience: Classic Elegance

    13 The Elephant and Barrel
    48 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek
    Food type: Pub fare, The Americas
    Ambience: Comfy & Casual - a good pub!

    14 The Restaurant at Grande Provence
    Main Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Contemporary, French,South African
    Ambience: Classic Elegance

    16 Bouillabaisse (Franschhoek)
    38 Hugenot Street, Franschhoek
    Food type: Seafood
    Ambience: Contemporary Cool

    17 Dieu Donné
    Dieu Donné Vineyards, Uitkyk Street, Franschhoek, Franschhoek
    Food type: Tapas, Fusion, Mediterranean, Asian,South African
    Ambience: Classic Elegance, Contemporary Cool

    Haute Cabriere
    Pass Road, Franschhoek
    Food type: Contemporary, Fusion
    Ambience: Classic Elegance

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    1. re: macsym

      Wow Macsym, that is quite a list. Thanks! Now I just have to sort through it. Do any of these places require a jacket? That would definitely not be our style. We will be on a chocolate, cheese and wine tour during the day, would it be too much to end with the Tasting Room?

      I'm also thinking of having a late lunch at Le Petite Ferme the following day. Any recommendation for a light dinner that night? Thanks.

      1. re: fooodie

        Nowhere requires a jacket but I guess The Tasting Room, Mange Tout and Grande Provence are the most dressy of all the places, but even here, particularly if it is a warm evening, just slacks and a shirt would be fine., but not shorts and trainers!

        I dont think it would be too much to do The Tasting Room after your c c and wine tour. If you can get a table, dont mind the price then you have the opportunity to eat at what some consider to be Africa's top restaurant. The food is reasonably experimental and it is not to everyones taste but it is an experience. I enjoyed my meal there over a year ago.

        Le Bon Vivant is very good and so to can be Reubens but it has had some mixed reviews.

        La Petite Ferme offers wonderful views and 'uncomplicated' food - IMO The trout is the best bet here.

        For the evening the pub The Elephant and Barrel will offer a nice contrast and good pub grub. If you fancy a pizza then try Col'Cacchio.

        Have fun and enjoy!

        1. re: macsym

          Thanks again! How do Bon Vivant and the Tasting Room compare?

          Would you recommend another place for lunch over Le Petite Ferme?

          1. re: fooodie

            Have you looked at reviews for both places on it might give you some idea I have only ever seen enthusiastic reviews for Le Bon Vivant. Dont think you would be disappointed here.

            For lunch Mon Plaisir is good if you like 'real' French food. Bread and Wine is also a great spot (but it is out of town a bit) and if you like fish then I suggest The Salmon Bar or Bouillabaise. Lots of people like LPF and the views are wonderful its just that last time I went i found it a little indifferent and very busy with groups. I felt it had become a victim of its own success. Trouble is there are too many choices and now there are even excellent restaurants in and around Stellenbosch!

            1. re: macsym

              That was a great list, thank you.

              I am planning for a Winelands trip and will spend 2 days in Franschhoek and 1 day in Stellenbosch. For Franschhoek I was going to do lunch at Bread and Wine and Reubens and dinner at Tasting Room and either Grand Provence or Bosmans in Paarl. Any criticisms or other recommendations? I have been reading great things about LPF and Dieu Donne for lunch and tons of others for dinner so now I don't know. Any input would be helpful.

              Also, for Stellenbosch I was going to do Rust en Vrede for dinner and haven't decided on a lunch place. Any thoughts about either?

              Thanks for any help and input.

              1. re: mpierce64

                Sorry I have been away in Japan (enjoying great food! - but very expensive compared to S Africa). Your plan sounds fine I would pick Grand Provence over Bosmans - although I have not eaten at the former I have read several very good reports. Bosmans currently is an unknown as the long serving chef died earlier in the year and I just dont know what is happening there at the moment.
                Personally I dont think LPF is as good as it used to be but it does have wonderful views - as of course does Dieu Donne - but I would rather eat next door at Mon Plaisir (at Chamonix) - it is very (and genuinely) French if you like that sort of thing.

                Rust en Vrede is a must - I think it is the best dining experience in the whole area - a very special place. For lunch try Overture, Guardian Peak, Terroir or Bodega. Or if you are in the centre of Stellenbosh I recommend Cafe Dijon an authentic French brasserie style place with good food and service.

    2. Tasting room was perfect for the birthday dinner! Also had great meals at Bon Vivant, Le Petite Ferme and Vrerde en Lust. Only wish we had more time to enjoy other restaurants!

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      1. re: fooodie

        Glad you enjoyed it/them. You will just have to return to sample the others!