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Oct 8, 2009 01:13 PM

Need Sushi Rec for Tonight (NOVA)

Hi all,

A friend is in town and staying in Alexandria. We're looking for a sushi spot in NOVA if possible, with great sashimi. I've been to Taichibana, while it is good, was hoping to try something new.

I was leaning towards Yamazato, but apparently they specialize in rolls, and we're looking for great quality fish, sashimi instead. Any suggestions? Momo in Old Town?

Any help would be much appreciated! Should we just stick with Taichibana?Thanks

If necessary, we'll drive a bit further out.

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  1. For what it's worth, I tried Momo and Yamazato back to back not long ago and was far, far happier with Yamazato.

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    1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

      Thanks for the reply. How was the sashimi/nigiri at Y, if you had it. Thx!

      The place looks great, I'm just a little concerned about some of the reviews which indicate that rolls are their speciality, and that the sashimi/nigiri is so-so.

      1. re: mistert123

        That wasn't my experience, though I'm speaking from only three visits. I recall some nice white-toro sashimi.

    2. I prefer Momo to Yamazato; I feel the latter douses their rolls with sauces sometimes. Both can't compare to Tachibana in term of fish quality though.

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        The last time I went to Tachibana it was unfortunataely one of the worst sushi meals I have ever had, was a huge shock. If you want great sushi go to the imporved Sushi Taro. For creative rolls there are a lot of choices, but for VA Momo and Yamazato are fine, you could alos go to Blue Ocean or Yama.