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Oct 8, 2009 01:01 PM

Good Bread in Bonita Springs area ??

Is there a real bread bakery in the area-- I haven't been able to locate one....the market bakeries are terrible - including Fresh Market. Any ideas would be appreciated--thanks

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  1. look up Insatiable Appetite here. There is a great French bakery in Naples. Otherwise you are SOL. lmf

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    1. re: LilMsFoodie

      thanks for the reply - sad isn't - I guess the local food movement hasn't hit here yet - I'm spoiled because my town in CT has an organic bread bakery that is terrific!

    2. I'm hesitant to jump in here but does Whole Foods have any decent breads? It's in North Naples and might be worth visiting ... their cheeses are wonderful, that I do know for sure from experience. But, am not a big bread eater. Has anyone here tried WF's breads?

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        WF has a good looking selection-I've just not tried any. I do get some of their cold plates, veggies, or hot foods to take home for a quck dinner.

        I've had good pastries from Mikkelsen's Pastry Shop in bonita, I don't know if they make bread.

        Though it's not in Bonita Springs... I am hooked on one particular bread-a multigrain loaf baked daily, at Naples European Bakery and Cafe, a few doors down from Starbucks at Naples Central and 41. Their pasties are light, and my Polish and Europen friends buy them out by afternoon somedays, to have for supper! Its a lovely spot for breakfast or lunch, drawing a cosmopolitan group of food lovers. I also love thier blueberry pierogies for breakfast!

        Artisan Bread in Ft Myers has good breads, too. My favorite of all the bakers for breads and French pastries is French Bread in Naples.

      2. i agree that Fresh Market has miserable bread. they get it delivered frozen and then let it thaw (i once asked).
        Whole Foods has some good bread--a bit pricey. i like their Prairie Bread.

        my kids are crazy for the Challah at Publix.

        1. EVOO Market in North Naples has some pretty good bread. They were closed for the summer and I'm not sure when they reopen.

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          1. re: RevrendAndy

            when they opened they hired the baker from the Blue Pepper. Do you think they will reopen?

          2. The website claims their bistro is open all summer and the market will reopen in the fall. No reason not to believe them.