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Oct 8, 2009 11:39 AM

Has Anyone Recently Eaten at Sienna outside of Charleston?

I've been looking forward to trying Sienna on Daniel Island for some time and have an opportunity to do so on an upcoming trip to Charleston. I've read some gossip that hints the restaurant may not be as good as in the past and so I am hoping to hear the opinion of Chowhounds who have dined there recently. The menu on their website looks wonderful.

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  1. I havent been in quite sometime, but am pretty sure Ken Vendrinski (exec chef) is not affiliated with them anymore.He was my reason for going.

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      wow, didn't realize that. Is he still affiliated w/ Trattoria Luca?

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        yes, definitely but still not positive about Sienna.

    2. If I may reply to my original post, my wife and I decided to risk it and went to Sienna this weekend. I was more than a little worried when we say there were only a few fellow diners on a Saturday evening although a big event with resultant parking jam in the same area may have scared off the locals. In any event, it was one of the best meals we have had outside of Italy.

      We started with the Four Artisanal Italian Cheeses of which we liked the blue cheese and goat/sheep cheese the best. Perhaps the highlight of the meal was the Cavatelli Pasta, House made Spicy Duck Sausage "Bolognese", Pecorino, Basil. The Bolognese sauce was very rich and flavorful--we're already planning to try and duplicate this at home. As her main, my wife had Mariniated Swordfish with shrimp and fingerling potatos vinagrette. I had Triggerfish, with Cipollini Onions, and I believe Arugula--should have taken notes. I thought her Swordfish had a wonderful flavor, better than my Triggerfish which was fresh but not particularly distinctive, not that anything was wrong with mine. On the other hand, I thought the ingredients with my Triggerfish worked a little better than hers. But we would recommend either to fish lovers. The bread came with an Italian take on hummus with mashed walnuts. The service was attentive and it was nice to watch the kitchen between courses. Our meal came to a little over $100 with 2 glasses of wine (a Super Tuscan and a Pino Grigio).

      All in all, Sienna was up there with Circa 1886 and Fig and better than our meal at Charleston Place--to name three other Charleston restaurants where we've had dinner this year. While I can't speak to whether it is as good in the past, I definitely look forward to dining here again.

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        thanks for the detailed review!