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Oct 8, 2009 11:32 AM

Thanksgiving in Hilton Head - Need Suggestions

We really do not want to wait until the "last minute" to make reservations and have a so-so/expensive dinner for Thanksgiving. I'm looking for a nice place to have Thanksgiving dinner that won't cost an arm and a leg Or, we will just make a traditional one. Just hate to drag all of the fixin's on vacation. Thanks for your help

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  1. The Westin Hotel in Port Royal always does a nice Thxgiving. don't know the price.

    Your post reminds me of an old story..30+ years ago, my parents built a place in HH. They weren't using it and 3 friends and I drove down for Thxgiving weekend. When we got there, we only found 1 restaurant open. We were college students and couldn't afford the dinner; maybe $10pp. .:)We asked for the nearest place that might be open. KFC in Savannah. Restaurant owner sat us and just said pay what we could afford...and he sat us..Happy Thxgiving. He's long gone, but my father told the story to many people and sent him many customers for his kindness.

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      Nice story...................

      I have actually called the Westin. It is $48.95 p.p. ++ so, for a family of 4 that is well over $200...ouch
      Still hoping a few other good suggestions will come in

      1. re: Pinky

        30 years later and I stil wouldn't spend the $ to go for Thxgiving on HH..:)

        For that price, I'd do what other posters have recommended and do it at home; assuming you have a kitchen.

    2. See, if it were me, I'd get dinner from one of the local grocery stores, and eat at the rental with an oceanview surrounded by loved ones. We've done that. It's reasonable, fun, and the kids can go play on the beach afterward.

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          Thanks to everyone's feedback................
          I am leaving for a 2 week business trip tomorrow, and I guess I should start thinking about cooking and freezing when I get back! : )

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            The Pig and Harris Teeter can do it for you. Call ahead, reserve, and pick it up on the way in. I think Fresh Market can do that too.

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              Yeah...they do it all for you..we used Kroger one year when work got in the was the whole dinner for maybe forty dollars.

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              I posted a few weeks ago about a guy doing bbq on Spanish Wells Rd. I just call ed him and he's going to be smoking turkeys for Thxgiving. Needs about a weeks notice. His name is Carl..843 301 9076. There's also a farm stand on Spanish Wells Rd; not sure what they'll have...but at least good pies.


              Signe's Bakery can also make a full spread. I haven't had it but they have a good reputation...93 Arrow Look at menus.

              If you want to go supermarket route, I like Fresh Direct...but the others aren't bad either.

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                Thanks, 9lives. All sounds good
                Hard to believe, we leave this Friday already :)

        2. We had a truly memorable meal at eat! in Hilton Head a couple of weeks ago. We were thinking of going back down for Thanksgiving and saw they would be open. Apparently they are serving both traditional Thanksgiving dinner and their own menu. We ordered mostly specials but the she-crab soup was the best I've ever tasted and I was forced to share my lobster tempura lollypops, otherwise I would have gobbled them up myself and given the table my review later.