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Oct 8, 2009 11:25 AM

Thanksgiving Plans

I love Thanksgiving! I love tackling the challenge of putting together a complex multi course dinner (There are only two in my family, so it's mostly one-dish meals for us) and of trying to stay true to the tradtions and yet be creative. Is anyone on here responsible for cooking for Thanksgiving? If so, what are you planning to make? I'd like to hear all about it. - the frustrations, the satisfactions, the innovations, the things you dare not change.

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  1. A truly great recipe from Gourmet (RIP) from November 1985 is smoked sausage and rosemary dressing, I've made it every year since, in addition to at least one other dressing. And once I discovered Heritage turkeys I've never been without one.

    1. Starting to cook tonight... Family coming tomorrow and leaving Tuesday so we'll eat several Thanksgiving meals.

      Oh Yeah I'm in Canada so T'giving is in October.

      Lot's of stuff from our garden: tomatoes, squash, beets, carrots, swiss chard, mustard greens. A heritage turkey for the main event, with steamed mussels as an app and date custard pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie for dessert. (butter tarts too!)

      Other meals will be braised beef pasta sauce with home made pasta noodles, Weather is still good so we'll grill one night as well.

      Gotta get back to it.


      1. Some years it's just the four of us, other years we've had friends and neighbors by, and the past three years, we've gone to another family's and had about 12-16 people. Each time different, but fun. Not sure what we're doing yet this year, my kids are still little and we have to get through Halloween first! ;)

        I love Sara Moulton's green bean casserole moderne, I usually make that when I'm the one hosting. I make my mom's sausage & bread stuffing every year, but sometimes add things to it, like dried cranberries or leeks or use cornbread. Every year that I cook, I do the turkey a little differently, depending on what's in the mags that year. One year, my MIL & I did a turkey breast wrapped in bacon, it was great. But when I do a turkey, I definitely dry brine it, from a Fine Cooking mag a few years back, and it was undoubtedly the MOST juicy and delicious bird we ever had. So I always use that technique, which works great for any large piece of meat. No longer worry about a container big enough to immerse a full turkey in water, then keep it cold!

        If we go to our family friends' house, she's a caterer and always cooks for lots of people, so she does the turkey, and I bring a lasagne. Lasagne was a family tradition in my home growing up, mainly b/c I (the youngest) didn't care for turkey, and we lived in an italian-american neighborhood, so we always supplemented the turkey with a baked lasagne. And when my mom found a deli with homemade noodles, we were in heaven. Now I either use her recipe with a light version of a bolognese meat sauce, no ricotta, or I bring over a wild mushroom with bechamel, Ina Garten's portabello lasagne recipe. Both are delicious and feed a crowd.

        1. I BBQ my turkey, stuff it with 1/4rd citrus, ginger, garlic, and rosemary. I make a cornbread stuffing it's here on chow (Jennifers Southern stuffing) sausage cornbread french bread, peppers, corn, onions, mushrooms, apples, I can hardly wait!, 2 types of cranberries, carmelized onions, some type of sweet potatoes roasted (here on chow) or sweet potato pudding, a nice watercress salad with pears and nuts, and pie!!! I start on Tuesday and prep all that I can ahead of time. Doing the turkey in the BBQ free's up the oven for other items and gives the turkey a great taste. I start buying the cranberries as soon as I see them and freeze those that I don not use right away. BUT you know the turkey sandwhich the next day is what really rocks my boat. White bread, turkey, cranberries, stuffing, and mayo!!!

          1. Every year I brine the turkey and then cook and smoke it in our Weber kettle bbq. If I so much as suggest cooking the turkey the traditional way in the oven, my wife and family protest. I do enjoy preparing it, however.

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              Oh another thing we started making several years ago is sweet-potato pie with marshmallow-meringue topping. My family now prefers this to traditional pumpkin pie.