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Oct 8, 2009 11:23 AM

Thoughts on...Basta Pasta or Bertuccis ?

Ok Reading from reviews on various venues leads me to believe for Basta Pasta

zero atmosphere
homey food
very inexpensive

So even if its not the "foodiest" will this be for a carb loading dinner?

A student at MIT recommends Bertuccis....

We are doing steak etc at Green Street Grill Fri night...

Are we better just taking the T to the northend and taking a chance there with a busy parents weekend/tourists/regatta crowds?
We are el dente kind of people (lived in Italy) but if I have to go to the line of Olive Garden food for the sake of eating at all that weekend...sigh..we will..
If I can--I would prefer to make a reserv today or tom and have a table...

What say ye? ;o)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Plenty of Italian places still have tables available for Oct 17th on OpenTable. Of the options I see, I've enjoyed Vinoteca di Monica (North End), Mama Maria (North End), and erbaluce (Theater District, and my favorite of the bunch), and there are plenty of good reviews on this board for Taranta (North End), Prezza (North End, pricey), dante (Cambridge), and others. All of these will be pricier than Basta Pasta (some much more so), so if you are just going for cheap carbohydrates you might be better with Basta Pasta.

      You might also consider Pescatore (Ball Square), which is a bit out of the way but takes reservations (although close to Tufts, which is having Parent's weekend that weekend -- still, couldn't hurt to call). Not sure if either Little Vinny's or Vinny's at Night take reservations (and a bit of a pain if you don't have a car), but they might also be options.

      Sagra in Davis Square isn't exactly a destination restaurant, but it is a perfectly good neighborhood Italian option and likely will be easy to get a table (have plenty of tables open currently on OpenTable), plus it is only a few stops on the Red line.

      1. I've carbo loaded pre-Boston at Basta Pasta. It was perfectly fine for the carbo loading. But, make sure they're open. One year, for my carbo load dinner, I went over and they were closed for some inexplicable reason.

        My solution, I went to Trattoria Pulcinella which was perfect for my taste. Nicer atmosphere, way better food and much closer to home.

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          I never see anything about Pucinella on the board. The squid ink pasta et al and the rabbit are tempting. Can anyone offer more insight?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Thanks for your help!
            Also thanks for the link ;o)