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Oct 8, 2009 10:32 AM

Catfish in New Orleans

I have some visitors in town and they want catfish. I don't eat seafood (I know, I know) so can I get a few recs about where to take them? Thanks everybody!

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  1. Middendorf's, not "in" New Orleans but the best around

    1. joey k's has an every day all-you-can-eat catfish special for $12.95, i think. never had the catfish. but thought i'd pass that along.

      i have had the catfish at the galley on old metairie road and it's pretty good, as is the other fried seafood. not technically new orleans, but the new orleans area.

        1. re: edible complex

          Bozos for sure in metairie 3117 21st st. They only use wild des allemandes catfish and you can really tell the taste difference from the farm raised type.

          1. re: joedontexan

            Hey, Lac des Allemands is the home of the Catfish Festival, so that should score some points.

            I've heard great things about Bozo's but have never dined there.


        2. Unfortunately, the best that I have had in the NOLA environs is not in NOLA, but Pontchatoula, basically "across the Lake," to the West. It's Catfish Charlie's.

          Now, we are great catfish fans. In my youth, I'd catch a bunch, and sell them to the restauranteurs on the MS Gulf Coast. Being from MS, the catfish capitol of the globe, I do know my catfish. My wife is a NOLA native, and knows her's. Still, this longish drive is worth the effort.

          I'm really thinking of someplace closer to the City, but am drawing a blank. I'd say that Chef John Besh, or Chef Frank Brigtsen would do great catfish. I have just never had their versions, and catfish might not be on either chef's menu.

          Other than Catfish Charlie's, the next best is done by my wife in her grandmother's cast iron skillet, but in PHX - and you thought that Catfish Charlie's was a long drive...

          Now, you might want to check the menu at MiLa, as they do a fusion of Mississippi and Louisiana cuisine, and in my experience do it well. They would be worth a call.

          I just cannot come up with great catfish in the City, though I feel certain that it exists.

          Good luck, and enjoy!


          [Edit] Dang, I feel really bad, 'cause I can tell you where to get great catfish in Washington, DC, or Charlston, or Tennessee, but am just not coming up with anything but guesses for NOLA. Sorry.

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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Mr. Hunt My last meal request might just be fried catfish and hush puppies not a bad way to go out.

            2. As I just mentioned in a different thread, go to Mena's Palace at Chartres and Iberville. They have very good fried catfish, and good everything else too. It's a standard Greek diner-type atmosphere. Don't forget to check the specials board. I don't know why I always forget to recommend Mena's on Chow, especially considering I eat lunch there several times a month.