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Oct 8, 2009 10:15 AM

Amelia S Trattoria?

Not finding current reviews of this place---
Is this open and how is it---?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I believe it is still open and I don't think you will likely find many fans on chowhound, although the related Teele Square location has regulars of many years. I think the most recent mention of it is from last year's Kendall lunch thread:

      Vinny's at Nite in Somerville (no steak, though) would be a better option for similar comfort Italian, no reservations though. Lil Vinny's also in Somerville accepts reservations, but I am more familiar with the former. Nearby Pescatore also accepts reservations.

      1. Thanks
        Glad I asked--as I read it renovated its dining room...but I am not finding current food reviews...

        1. I'd be curious for a review of the teele location. Just moved there and have a gift certificate.

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            I went last fall. Nothing special, although the Mayor was entertaining two priests from Italy at the next table. They were getting food that was obviously off menu and they looked really pleased.

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              Amelia's in Teele weirdly (in my opinion) seems to draw some serious ire on this board; as I recall, most of the complaints centered around occasionally gruff or slow service, and the room being really drafty in the winter. I never had trouble with the service, and did take-out in the winter, and most important, I actually think the food is quite good, so I've always been fairly pro-Amelia's.

              For the first few years I lived in Davis Square, I thought they had, bar none, *the* best pizza margherita in the Boston area. Good crust, great sauce, phenomenal fresh mozzarella. Then Gran Gusto opened up and pretty much completely elbowed Amelia's out of my dining rotation. That said, stick with the basics (pizza margherita, gnocchi), and I'd imagine you'll be pretty pleased.

              1. re: finlero

                Thanks for the review. I'm really excited to try the pizza. This place is literally a stones throw from my house.

            2. Not sure about the others, but I don't care for their Kendall outpost. I dislike going there for lunch because their service is sooo S-L-O-W, especially for a small space. Their food is average, nothing exciting at all. I was taken there again last week by a work colleague, and with the place barely half full, it still took us an hour and a half to get through a salad and a sandwich. Our food probably took a good 30-35 mins before it came out. Just redonkulous.