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Oct 8, 2009 10:12 AM

Holy Moley!! Next weekend is Parents weekend for BU, MIT and ??? Head of the Charles

Coming into town for the regatta with our teen son--who rows Sunday...

I dont know which other area schools have parent weekend--I hear possibly Holy Cross...but thats 45 min from downtown....

Well....after hearing that---I now have a reserv at Green Street for Fri....Dear son looked over the online menu and liked what he saw....

and need to find one for Saturday--I just can't wait to try for a table if its going to be that busy...

Anyone tried Amelia S Trattoria near Kendal Sq? for Italian...

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  1. Do you have another activity planned for Sat. night after dinner? If not, may I suggest you think about exploring one of the neighborhoods of Boston, like Allston-Brighton, or going into Harvard SQ? Yes, it will be crowded, but it will be v. lively, with students, parents, and the rest of us who live through it every yr! I'm sure your son would love soaking in the atmosphere of these places. Don't worry about Holy Cross in the mix.

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    1. re: CookieLee

      Thanks. Good suggestions.
      I was thinking I was so clever by planning on staying behind MIT, knowing that BU had a big parent weekend in the mix...and wanted to not be too close to the water...but seems it will be lively everywhere ;o)

      1. re: fogfog

        The average age in Boston is 27! It is always lively everywhere! :)