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Oct 8, 2009 09:48 AM

Horrible service at Harvest

I typically don't write strictly-negative posts, but I am so angry about the service we received last saturday, here I go. The food was wonderful but the experience was ruined by the service.

8:30 reservations for 4.
Waitress started taking our orders before telling us the specials. We had overheard the server at the next table describe the truffle risotto and had we not, we would have missed out on a perfectly executed dish!

Three of us ordered the duck. Waitress came back and said they had only 1 duck left. Very disappointing for a regular menu item to be sold out relatively early on a Saturday night.

Foie Gras appetizer was plate-licking out of this world, but they were stingy with the toast points. Being unable to find our server for awhile, DC had get up and walk around to find someone to provide bread.

Meals not served at the same time. A side order arrived at least 5 minutes after the entree was delivered.

Two dessert orders were lost. At first we thought it was the aforementioned issue of not delivering the food together. After about 10 minutes of waiting, we couldn't find the server (again) so we got the manager. He sent her over and she claimed we only ordered one dessert. Manager never checked back, although the waitress did say he was willing to comp it. By then we just wanted to get the heck out of there so we declined. Manager never stopped by to apologize or to see if we were satisfied.

I'd love to return for the food, but I'll go elsewhere due to the service.

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  1. That's why I always eat at the bar at Harvest. Never had a problem with service there.

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      i have nearly missed theater dates here twice and no longer go. there are better places for food and at their prices if you tell the waiter you have theater tickets and a party of 4 arrives at 6:00 we shouldn't be sprinting down the block at 7:50 having skipped desert and coffee. Both times no waiter returned to the table for long periods of time, no one checked if we had what we need, and the only thing they were quick at was taking our money.