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Oct 8, 2009 09:37 AM

Shabbat Chili

I'm planning on making chili for shabbat this week. Having never used my crockpot to make anything besides cholent, what is the trick for Shabbat crockpot cooking? I imagine just make sure there's plenty of water? When I make cholent, I cover the stuff with water, and that's enough. Is it likely to be the same thing for chili or anything else?

Similarly, any tricks for crockpot overnight soups?

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  1. Pretty much - also increase the spice content because it tends to get diluted with the extra water -

    1. I have made chili a few times for shabbat instead of cholent. I would actually watch the water content carefully as I have found that chili comes out a bit more watery than cholent. I have gotten the best results when I add water to cover so as not to risk burning overnight but then leave the lid of the pot slightly open for a couple of hours before serving so that the excess moisture evaporates and essentially reduces the chili to a nice thick consistency. I sometimes cover the unoped area of the lid with a few kitchen towels if necessary to get sufficient heat and evaporation. I also agree on increasing the spices.

      1. Our new favorite cholent alternative is a black bean stew/soup to which we add home-smoked short ribs. It's pretty fantastic and the short ribs melt down in the crockpot overnight.

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            It's more of an improv than a recipe. 1lb black beans soaked overnight, then chop a medium onion, celery and a red pepper and sautee (add garlic to taste). Throw the vegetables in the crock with the beans, add about 1-1/2 tsp of cumin, a little more chili powder and cover with water or vegetable broth. Then add the smoked short ribs (the meatier the better). Check for seasoning (salt/pepper to taste). It started out as an actual recipe, but I don't recall where we got it. We've pretty much just punted since then so it's never exactly the same twice.

            The smoked ribs are the key. We smoked a brisket this week and added the short ribs to the smoker, so they're in the fridge just waiting to be dropped into the soup/stew tomorrow (and the ribs themselves get a little dry rib and a finish with Bone Suckin' Sauce so that adds to the flavor mix also).

        1. I'll begin by saying that I don't use a crockpot, so what I'm going to say is based on what I do use: the "unblech" (K'dayra blech).

          I make any number of dishes that I leave on the blech until shabbat lunch that have the consistency of chili, and I don't make any change to the recipe at all. For sukkot, for ex., I made a picadillo recipe from a Weight Watchers cookbook. I can't compare it to what a standard recipe of picadillo would be, never having had it anywhere else, but I can say that it has the same consistency of the chili I make. I made no changes to the recipe, and it stayed fine until shabbat lunch. I certainly wouldn't overload it with water; I think that would have a very negative effect on the flavor.

          As far as soup goes, I always leave soup up on the blech until shabbat lunch without any problem, so I don't imagine you need any special tricks for overnight soup. Just leave it in the crockpot and serve it for lunch the way you'd serve the cholent you usually make in the crockpot.

          1. Just don't forget to serve it in a pumpkin as someone posted recently.