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Oct 8, 2009 09:17 AM

Looking for reasonable party food to feed 100

HI all-- Any good recommendations for a restaurant to get food from for a party for about 100 people at a reasonable price?


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    1. What kind of party? And what's your upper $ pp limit?


        The food at the Mediterranean Bakery in Alexandria seems a bit less expensive than Lebanese Taverna. Not as large a selection of prepared foods.

        1. Where? What type? What is "reasonable price"? A lot of smaller restaurants will cater, even if they don't specify they do. We asked our most frequented Lebanese place and they did it for us.

          1. I've had good experiences with Lebanese Taverna. For something different (not sure if it's party-like enough food, but it looks good), Toscana Cafe's catering menu looks interesting and is very reasonably priced: