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Oct 8, 2009 09:07 AM

ABC Seafood - St. Pete

Anxiously waiting for a report on the October 4 Chowhound get-together.

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  1. It was very good. We had a lot of fun and there are pics. Not sure when Andy is writing it up. I learned that I like jellyfish ;-P

    1. Here are some of the delicious quail we had. Photo courtesy of MildBill

      1. And here is a picture of all the attendees.

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        1. re: RibDog

          I just want to thank everyone who came to the gathering. I had a great time.

          I think the bottom line is that each of the three restaurants we ate had some items that they were the best at. And other items that were good but not stellar.

          1. re: RibDog

            We'll be happy to come over to your side of the bridge any time. St Pete is fortunate to have such a great Chinese restaurant.
            I also would like to compliment the wonderful service we received. Our hostess and servers were fantastic. Patient, informative, and very gracious.

        2. Aw, come on, guys! details, details! so sorry i missed it. i'm still going strong on my new diet. count me in next time for sure. love the pics...can someone post who's who? and did they have geoduck??

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          1. re: Manderley

            I am the girl on the left and my husband is to the left of me in the pic. I'll leave it up to the others to identify themselves ;-)
            Andy should have his article up today on the WP website.

            1. re: rhnault

              I'm frikkin' 'Cubby Bear' in the front...

              ----running like the wind to Walgreens for 7 boxes of Just For Men, and a case of Magnesium Citrate...

              1. re: rhnault

                rhnault, that's you with the long dark rapunzel locks? and your hubby's in the light blue, wow he looks just like my brother. nice knowing what you guys look like :)

                1. re: Manderley

                  My husband is in the burgundy shirt. I am Rapunzel lol. I don't have many years left getting away with the the long hair ;-)

                  1. re: rhnault

                    oh duh, thought you said he was on your left, not on your left in the pic! :)

                    1. re: Manderley

                      I confused myself with that post lol

            2. If all 3 restaurants are good at certain dishes....what were the standout items from ABC seafood. I would like to concentrate on the bests items at ABC.....thanks

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              1. re: rothdan

                Yeah do tell, we actually drove out to this place last night from Tampa to eat and I guess Tuesday is the one day they're closed. What were the crowd favorites at ABC?

                1. re: askdrtodd

                  their salt & pepper oysters are to die for!!! also love the salt & pepper squid. i usually go for something in the tank, love the eel in XO sauce. their ginger scallion sauce is also very good.