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Oct 8, 2009 08:06 AM

Casual dinner for two near UN?

The wife and I are looking for recommendations for casual dinner spots w/in a short walk or cab ride of the UN. Saturday night. Oct. 31. Want to avoid the party crowd (we are both 29, but we are looking for a nice date, not a bar/restaurant with a Halloween bash).

Don't want to spend more than $150. Love great food and service, hate pretentiousness.

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  1. Check out Cibo at 2nd Ave. and 41st Street. Doubt that they'll have any sort of Halloween "scene" although they may have a few decorations around.

    1. Convivio is great for Italian and it's VERY close to the UN in Tudor City. You may have trouble staying under $150 though, especially if you're drinking as well.

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        There are some good Japanese choices---Sakagura, Sushi Yasuda (though Yasuda might be close to your price range).

        Also recommend Convivio.

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          +1 for Convivio. But it will definitely be tough to stay within $150 if you include wine/alcohol,

        2. Both Convivio and Sushi Yasuda are excellent, but $150 is not going to be enough for two, unless that's the food-only budget (not including wine, tax, tip etc.).

          If you like izakayas, Sakagura is a great choice and fits your budget.

          1. Although I haven't been myself people I trust have said good things about Pera, a Turkish restaurant on 41st St. and Madison.



            303 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017