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Oct 8, 2009 07:24 AM

Best restaurants in Rosslyn/Court House/Clarendon with delivery?

At the end of the month I'm moving to a place right near the Court House metro stop. I've been to plenty of restaurants in the area, so I don't really need recommendations for those, but I would love suggestions about the best places for nights I'm too lazy to go out. Best Chinese delivery, Thai, Vietnamese, pizza, anything and everything that is delicious (or even just delicious enough) that will bring food to my door.

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  1. when i lived there we always ordered thai from bangkok 54, chinese from tea noodles rice (avoid the sesame noodles but some of their other things are good), pizza from vocelli's and other italian food from listrani's. i also liked some things at sawatdee for thai delivery, but it's not as good as bangkok 54.

    1. ooo also this isnt' for delivery, but liberty tavern has a separate little nook behind the restaurant called liberty to go. good for carryout and their food is excellent.

      1. tea noodles rice has a few excellent dishes. i love the crispy fried beef.

        check out dr delivery/takeout taxi. plenty of options there as well.

        1. Thai square is the only one I can recommend. There are tons of good take out places that don't deliver. Some of them use Dr Delivery, but I hate having to pay for delivery. I usually end up calling ahead and picking up.

          1. Courthouse resident here. Crystal Thai has great delivery... they know how to package everything to ensure the least amount of damage during delivery. Cafe Asia delivers and is ok. Zpizza has the best pizza delivery and can be done completely online. Both Velocity 5 and Ragtime have take-out if you are in the mood for bar food. I have not been impressed with the chinese delivery in our area... so I am always looking for rec's there.