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Oct 8, 2009 07:17 AM

Five Guys Nashua opening Oct. 12!!!

I just called the new Nashua Five Guys this morning. The machine message said they would be opening, Monday the 12th. Not sure if this is new news to any of you out there, but I was very excited to find out, and just wanted to share!

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  1. great thanks for that have driven past a few time to look

    1. i am not familiar with them could you tell me something about them

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      1. re: foodperv

        Prolly belongs in the chain section, but whatever.

        Five Guys makes an average to good burger with a bunch of (free/included) topping options.

        The fries are really very, very, very, very good. That good, yes. Get the plain ones, not 'cajun' which are just fries with Old Bay on them.

        The only problem is, you're looking at over 3000 calories for a large order of fries, and around 1000 per burger. Definitely a once-in-a-while thing for me, anyway.

        1. re: ratbuddy

          My husband doesn't get the allure of great fries, lol. I just recently tried the fries at Duckfat in Portland and have never had better!

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            The chain section didn't seem a good spot to share that a local location would be opening, but I'll remember to look closer at the other board choices before posting next time.

            I agree that Five Guys is average...but around here, it would be the best quick, affordable meal for my family. If they would only open up a Wild Willie's around here, I would be excited about that. All my other favorite burger spots are an hour or more away. I'll take what I can get!

            Cajun fries? I guess I was always hurrying to order I never even noticed that was a choice! 3,000 cals/order of fries!!!???? Crazy, I guess at least we usually split them between the four of us, and order the junior burgers.

            1. re: solargarlic

              Their website lists 1464 calories in a large order of fries, but what they aren't saying is that is only the amount in the cup, and the extra scoop they dump on top is not included in the nutrition information. I called their 800-number and asked a few weeks ago.

              1. re: solargarlic

                "but around here, it would be the best quick, affordable meal for my family. "

                You may be in for a rude awakening. I really like 5 Guys, BUT a regular burger, small fries (enought for 2) and a small soda is about $10.
                $40 for burger, fries and a coke for a family of 4 is not my idea of an affordable family meal. For $10/head I'd like to see a vegetable besides the burger toppings.

                1. re: solargarlic

                  I LOVE Wild Willie's - found it when we went up to Cabella's in Maine. Wonder if it's a franchise?

            2. A Five Guys recently opened in Marlboro and I went a few weeks ago. It was a damn good fast food burger. I love the choice of toppings offered. The fries were excellent, and they have vinegar on the counter, which suits these fries well. The burger was a hair better than a Wendy's burger on their best day, and superior to McD's or BK any day.

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              1. re: TrollKing

                There is also another one opening in Worcester (Lincoln Plaza) in December.

              2. We will be heading there today for lunch. I've wanted to try this chain and was pleased to see it open. That's a lot of calories though! Glad I worked out today....

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                1. re: nashuan

                  I drove by the area today, and there were a ton of cars! It looks like that is the only business open there, and wondered how big a space they have. Is it more of a take out place?

                  How did you like it?

                  1. re: hummingbird

                    Agreed, $40 isn't exactly cheap, but a burger in a restaurant after tax and tip, would be far more, so I guess I shouldn't have been so, it's no value meal at McD's, but I have a hard time finding food around southern NH that I am willing to pay $10 (or more) a head for.

                    We went for the opening...they did a very good job, IMO. Actually, the fries were really good since it was so busy, so we were very happy about that. I believe it is the only business there right now, but hopefully when others see them there they may consider opening shop nearby...that spot has never been very good for business.

                    Even with the line out the door, we got our food in under 20 min. I wasn't really keeping track, but I was able to keep my 5 and 2 yr old in their seats. In this space, you go in the door, turn left, and go along the front windows to the register. There are also high tables along those windows. Instead of the seats going from the front windows to the back, the tables go right to left, parallel to the windows...a different setup than I have seen before. They also have outdoor seating, and I haven't seen that yet. Not just take out, plenty of seats if you'd like to eat in. Just to forewarn you, if you haven't been to one, stay away if you have peanut allergies - peanuts are served to keep you happy while you wait (and they are so good and salty too)!!!

                    Wild Willie's...seems to be a local chain, there is one in Worcester, and one in Rochester, NH