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Oct 8, 2009 07:14 AM

DIM SUM on carts - Markham/Richmond Hill - where to go?

Where can a gwaylo find great dim sum, reasonably priced, served on carts?

No menu places please

Thanks in advance


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  1. They used to have carts at Furama house on steeles near just west of yonge across from the Canadian Tire. Haven't been for years so don't know if it's still there.

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    1. re: Crispier Crouton

      Thanks CC
      It's now called Lao Lee Beef Seafood Restaurant
      Their dim sum (cart service) is still very good

      1. re: toronto guy

        Yeah, I third Lao Lee Beef Seafood Restaurant (formerly Furama). Very delish. The food is always good and the staff there are very plesant. Great prices.

    2. I am not sure that a place exsist that meet all 3 criteria. Why do you want to avoid "menu" places. Some of the best dim sum I have had in Richmond Hill/Markham has been from menu places

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      1. re: sweetie

        Also, with carts you are limited to ordering from what the kitchen decides to bring out. With a menu system you can order whatever you want. BTW I am Chinese and I don't care about the "authentic experience" of the carts.

        1. re: sweetie

          I like the ambiance of a bustling dim sum joint
          The menu places are usually more subdued and less frenetic
          The frequent chorus of 'har gow, sui mi' surely adds more flavour to the experience
          There's also an advantage to seeing the variety of goodies rolling by
          Despite all that, what menu places do you recommend, and what are the must-eat specialties?
          Thanks in advance

          1. re: toronto guy

            I agree, if you're not super familiar with all the dim sum dishes, it's nice to be able to see what it looks like before ordering. And you know what, at menu places, there've been stuff that we never would've ordered if we knew how bad it looked.

            Re: ambiance, etc - at many cart places, I've been to, it's been less frenetic/exciting, and more grating/pushy. The ladies call out their dishes lifelessly, and try to force things on you way more than they should.

            1. re: Crispier Crouton

              It's definitely a gwailo thing, Chinese people have long accepted the menu system is far superior to the antiquated notion of carts.

              All the places in Markham/Richmond Hill use menu system. I guess the only exception is Ginger & Onion at Market Village, on weekends only. Weekday it's back to menu.

        2. I don't know the name but there's a restaurant in a plaza at the south-east corner of Kennedy & Denison (east end of plaza) where they serve dim sum on a cart and not expensive.

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          1. re: syoung

            I believe that place is called Honey Garlic. Or maybe Onion Garlic.....
            Oh and I think Ruby Chinese restaurant in Scarborough (McCowan & Finch) has carts everyday. The food at Ruby is limited in variety though

          2. Hi Toronto Guy;

            Century Palace restaurant in an indoor plaza on Ferrieir St (Steeles/warden) is "right down the alley" for dim sum on carts which are reasonably priced, and the noise level is loud; a typical Chinese restaurant.

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            1. re: lchow4983

              I was thinking of suggesting Century Palace too. For carts to work, you need good space between tables and to have lots of business which Century seems to have. I would rate their food as average, but of course this is subjective.

            2. I strongly support the recommendation for Furama House/Lao Lee. It's in a plaza called 'Yorkville North'. I live nearby and go there frequently. But is not merely for the convenience of location. I think their dim sum is delicious, reasonable prices, and the restaurant's got a good atmosphere. Definitely beats anywhere in Spadina Chinatown. It has been my family's favourite for years (despite a few lapses that occurred during change-over of management but it has redeemed itself for sure). Be prepared to wait in line on weekends. Hm, in fact, maybe they only have cart service on weekends, but I am not entirely sure.