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Oct 8, 2009 05:26 AM

Carlito's Burritos (Las Vegas)

This small, casual restaurant on E. Patrick Lane serves authentic New Mexican fare. My wife was suffering from I cold so I ordered two breakfast burritos to go. The super-sized burritos were filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheddar cheese and your choice of red or green chili sauce, I chose Christmas style. The filling in the burritos was on the greasy side and neither my wife or I enjoyed our Carlito experience. I noticed people dining in the restaurant were served their breakfast in either tin foil bowls. As I exited I noticed a sign indicating 2# of grilled hatch chilis were available for $4.

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    1. re: achicken

      Sorry, in my haste I forgot to mention it was Las Vegas.

    2. I've been meaning to write a review of Carlito's since we returned from our yearly return to the SW, last month.
      My brother picked us up at McCarren and took us straight to Carlitos in time for the live music Fri & Sat nights. My SIl grabbed me and we started to dance before I even had time to drain a 3 buck Margarita. We had lots of old NM family and friends there so it ws very festive. We ordered the green chile stew and posole ($3.95 each) for apps. Both were flavorful, but a little lacking in meat, but not greasy, and for $3.95, a deal. My better half and I split green chile pork stuffed sopapillas($5.95) and green chile pork(carne adovada) enchiladas w/ extra chile ($4.50). In a word, yum! Flavorful, tender and a goodly quantity of meat. The chile had only a little heat, but was fresh tasting and delicious and the prices are ridicoulously cheap. We took the leftovers home for breakfast before heading out to Cal. for the week.
      Just before catching our flights home, we stopped by Carlito's again for lunch. Again stuffed green pork sopaipillas, but w/ red pork and green chicken tamales ($4.95)and a large Navajo taco (served on top of Navajo fry bread) w/ carne adovada($5.95). All again were plentiful, cheap, flavorful and not greasy. The tamales were just ok. We took the leftovers on the SW flight and w/ drink coupons had a great flight back to the Mexican food wasteland of New England. My brother and his extended family have become regulars.
      As a former New Mexico ressident and UNM alum, it was so refreshing to find real New Mexico style food; it differs from both TexMex and CalMex. The place is small, simple and cheap. Food is served in alumn. bowls, but they have Modelo on tap and who can complain about 3 buck Margaritas?