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Oct 8, 2009 04:02 AM

Andrea's in Metairie

I checked out their menu on the website and there are no prices. Can someone give me an estimate on the cost of a dinner at Andrea's without drinks.

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  1. We've only been once, around June '09. As I recall, it was relatively inexpensive. Four of us dined and none would return. Housemade gnocchi was like lead. Cioppino bland. Sauces needed work. Service was painfully slow. Andrea talks a good game but doesn't deliver. We heard his spiel on TF. He was touting that night's "special": salt crusted branzio that he personally debones tableside. Sounded good. We made resv. to dine 1 hr. later. Not only was the branzino not available, Chef Andrea was too busy to debone it's substitute.

    1. I really would not waste my money there. We have tried it over and over again--it was a favorite of my parents--and went to a partied they catered once. We've tried to like it, but it just isn't so good. Wasted a lot of $ on a lobster pasta special one time; it was all but inedible. Veal dishes very dry.
      A similar restaurant, if it still exists, was La Riviera in Metairie, it was better imo but it wasn't great. I think Eleven Seventy Nine would be a much better bet for an Italian rest. Or Vincent's. And we love (the new) Domenica, but it's not the same kind of old school place as Andrea's. (And nobody seems to like Tony Angelo's anymore although I still love the Eggplant Tina there and would much prefer to eat there than Andrea's.)

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        Ditto Eleven79, Vincents. Add Irene's. Re: Tony Angelo's, Hunt said it best "Chef Boyardee".

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          Forgot about Irene's. A very good choice.