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Oct 8, 2009 12:12 AM

Chili (cheese fries) in South Bay

I have a problem. I love chili and the subsequent chili cheese fries. When I search this board for "chili" I get an enormous amount of random discussion about jalapenos and sriacha.

Does anybody know of a place that has an amazing chili (maybe even chili cheese fries) around Cupertino? I'll drive!

For reference, I think my favorite chili I recently had was the chili from Jimtown Store in Healdsburg.

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  1. Actually if you search "chili cheese fries" with the quotes you only get 2 pages of hits going back 5 years. You will have to decide which are close enough for you to drive to.

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    1. re: hotspur

      Really? Hmm... I just tried it again - searching for "chili cheese fries" gives me 4 hits with no relevant results. What am I doing wrong? I don't get 2 pages.

      1. re: Anfhann

        That was for 12 months. Under date you have a choice to extend the search. Pull down and select 5 years and search again. You will see the added threads.

    2. It isn't Chow-worthy, but I loooove the chili cheese fries at Del Taco in Campbell. Something about krinkle fries that make me happy!