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Oct 7, 2009 11:27 PM

Bread Bakeries!?

I recently moved here from NYC and am looking for some good bread. My wife and I picked up a whole grain loaf from Boulangerie on Magazine and she later stumbled across a delicious boule from a small farmers market off the side of the road in Luling. Do you have any other recs? Most of what we've tried has left much to be desired but I think we might be looking in the wrong places.


Your truly,
Longing For Sullivan Street Bakery.

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  1. The best french bread by far is at Hi Do on Terry Parkway in Gretna.

    1. I'm baking my way thru Jim Lahey's new baking book, and you won't find much (if any) bread like his here in NOLA. La Boulangerie is the high-water mark of European-style bread hereabouts, especially if you like thick crust & chewy crumb.

      On the other hand, if you can learn to love light, airy Vietnamese french bread, you'll find joy at Dong Phuong in New Orleans East, Hi-Do on the Westbank, or Chez Pierre. CP is on Veterans Blvd in Kenner; it is viet-french style & offers some sourdough, croissants, and a few other styles (an epis loaf, etc).

      Several baking vendors sell at the Sat & Tues Crescent City farmer's markets; Windfield Farms has pretty good bread (plus a variety of pastry), and Mueller's sells German style (volkornbrot, among others) breads (I think he's on an every-other-week schedule, though).

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        Is Mueller selling at the Tuesday market? (He stopped at the Saturday market quite a while ago, well over a year ago, maybe more.)

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          I haven't seen him in a while, but he was always kinda intermittent. The CCFM website lists him as an every-other-week Tuesday vendor.

      2. Boulangerie is really about it aside from New Orleans style french bread. People are so enammered with the local french bread that there just isn't that much demand for anything else. However, Leidenheimers and Susan Spicer, a local chef, put out an artisanal line of breads under the moniker Wildflour Breads that are available at several grocery stores in the area. The seven grain and the ciabtta are pretty good, but expensive. There is Whole Foods of course. Another good french bread option is the last of the Gendusa Bros. bakeries in gentilly. The gigits are wonderful. ch

        1. So sorry--no Sullivan Street Bakery here. We are not a great city for bread, but we're a lot better than we used to be.
          You found Boulangerie; you found our best. However, you can get pretty good breads (and lots of variety) at Whole Foods, and I buy a decent multi-grain and sourdough at Rouse's--an "artisanal" bread under an Italian label. And it's pretty easy to find good ciabatta.
          We mourned the passing of the gourmet shop Susan Spicer once ran, which had fabulous breads. The bread making operation was bought by Leidenheimer's I think, but if they still exist as Leidenheimer's artisanal arm, I think it's only to make ciabatta, under the Wild Flours label (or something like that). I used to see it at Martin's, but haven't lately.

          Anyone starting a really good bakery in NOLA should, I think, be very successful.

          1. IMO, La Boulangerie is the best available in NOLA. Their baguettes are crusty with a nice texture. I grew up in NJ. There is nothing comparable to NY/NJ baked goods. You won't find real Italian bread, hard rolls, Jewish or Russian rye.

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              As funny as it may sound wal mart has some good artison breads