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Oct 7, 2009 08:34 PM


We're going to be in Corinth, MS next week and are thinking about trying slugburgers. Anyone have recommendations? Also, my SIL has begged me to bring her some, what would be the best way to pack them for a 2 hour car trip?

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  1. I've never had one, but the White Trollye Cafe right on Highway 72 (the main drag through town) is supposed to have good slugburgers. Let us know how they are.

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      We went to White Trolley for lunch and I gave the slugburger a try. It's not something I'll add to my regular menu, but I didn't have any trouble finishing it.
      We did enjoy the White Trolley, everyone there was friendly, fast and attentive. (Everyone we met in Corinth was friendly and helpful) Good diner selection along with some traditional southern standards. I can see why it's standing room only for lunch. If you're ever in Corinth, give them a try.

    2. I'm feeling stupid ... what is a slugburger?

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