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Anyone been to Le Foret yet?

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  1. Now that I know that "le foret" is a reference to the owner's grandparents' surname, it makes me giggle. What's next, "la cheramie" or "le arceneaux" or "les boudreaux"? Okay, this is probably only funny to me.

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      Nope, it's funny to me, too. How about "Tres Le Foret" for the fuller French impact?

      Anyway, I looked at the menu in trying to decide between it or August for a special occasion dinner last weekend. Decided not to chance celebrating in a brand new restaurant before hearing some reviews.

      Then, Monday, I talked to someone who had dined there on the first night it was officially open. Reported that service was very slow (to be expected), amuse bouche was good, salads did not deliver as promised (one lacked all but a hint of the apple in its title, crab and beet was reported to be not nearly as good as similar preparations in other restaurants); fish "dry"; dessert (but I forget which) delicious. So until I hear some good reviews and get more info, I'll be reluctant to try it. (BTW, August was, as always, wonderful.)

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        Speaking of French impact - ( trois ) would seem correct ! Isn' t that funny?

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          I disagree...food is exceptional. Very thoughtful and talented chef. Love that everything is fresh and scratch cooking. Service is less gracious and needs to catch up. all very nice but lacking in training and standards. Hope they can get onthat and Le Foret will be one of the best restaurants around.

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            Not sure what you're disagreeing with, as I reported a number of things, not all negative, that someone else told me. My point was simply that I'm not willing to put out the money for a meal there until I'm pretty sure they've worked out the kinks. (Based on your longer review, they haven't.)

            And I take it for granted that any restaurant that aspires to greatness is "fresh and scratch cooking." Any number of wonderful restaurants in New Orleans, of which Restaurant August is certainly one, offer fabulous "fresh and scratch cooking" but also consistency and good service.

            I am glad to hear you enjoyed your food at Le Foret. Several other people have too. When food and service are both getting great reviews, I'll check it out.

      2. I had a very nice dinner at Le Foret on the first night it opened as well. It wasn't because I wanted to flock there for that reason. I just checked open table for an available table at that time and Le Foret was there. The amuse bouche was amazing. It consisted of three small dishes; a soup, something with fois gras and something else. I love the idea of the amuse, but I really don't see how they will be able to keep that up and will be extremely impressed if they do. They were running a special on the night that I went which was $40 for 2 small plates and choice of entree so we probably ended up ordering more than we would normally have ordered. The salads were okay. I rather liked the beet appetizer and my husband had smoked salmon with corn fritters that was very tasty as well. My entree
        was the filet and it was delicious. I can't remember my husband's entree, but I believe he was less than enamored. Service was a little clumsy and slow but very gracious. I can forgive service errors at this early stage especially since everyone was so kind. The building is very attractive.

        1. Dined there with relatives this past Saturday. The service and food was wonderful. The Champignon appetizer was exceptional - shiitake caps on foie gras stems, frisee with a noisette dressing. The rest of the table enjoyed the oxtail soup w/ gruyere and the baby lettuce salad. Our entrees were petit filets, pancetta-wrapped trout and the rabbit w/ mustard sauce. All an A+.

          If there were service issues a month ago, I would say they've worked through the bugs now. I definitely recommend Le Foret to anyone interested in an elegant evening.

          1. I visited Le Foret this week and was entirely impressed. Le Foret is to dining what Disney is to youth entertainment. La Foret truly understands the importance of the dining experience. This may very well be the best restaurant in the city. Worth twice what I paid. It is still on my mind several days after the event. If you want to make an impression on a loved one or a client, this is the place to go. I can't wait until they open up for lunch!

            1. We had dinner there a couple weeks ago and it was quite possibly one of the worst meals we have had in quite some time. Service issues (of which there were many) are expected and easily forgiven when a restaurant is new.
              The menu looked wonderful - the dish and descriptions read beautifully - and we were quite excited about the meal to come. Unfortunately, why they are gifted with menu descriptors - they aren't able to back it up with their cuisine. It was quite possibly some of the blandest and unimaginative food I've been served in a long time. My Significant Other - who is not the pickiest of diners and tends to find the bright side of most experiences - compared his Quail Appetizer to the Breaded Veal Cutlettes his High School cafeteria served. The food, for the most part, was a *huge* disappointment.
              The space and the restaurant are very lovely however - and it looked like they have a decent space for private events there as well.

              1. I recently dined at Le Foret while visiting family over the holidays. We were visiting from New York City, where we are so fortunate to have great food and dine out frequently.

                Upon walking in the door, we were immediately greeted by the hostess. The hostess just did not do the establishment justice. We had our entire party and were ready to be sat, and she kept trying to have us go sit at the bar and wait, when we clearly were ready to sit down, and we had reservations which we were on time for.

                After a few minutes, we were sat. The interior is beautiful and the only suggestion is that they put something up on the one large empty wall. Other than that it was elegant and quaint, very intimate. The dining room smelled inviting with good food and I was excited for a great dinner with good friends and family.

                We were greeted by out Server, whose name I will leave out. He was very attentive and seemed very gracious, however smelled of cigarette smoke. He had clearly been out smoking earlier and didnt clean up properly. Huge turn off.

                We started with a bottle of red Cabernet which was outstanding. The wine list was superb, with a wide array of special select wines. We started off with several appetizers including the Onion Soup Souffle, Oysters Rockerfeller, Beet & Crab Ravioli, Venison Carpaccio with Citrus Salad and Champignon Mushrooms with Pate and all also served with an Amuse Bouche. Everything was beyond outstanding, rich & flavorful, perfect pairing with the Winter Season, very fresh and highy enjoyable. All A+

                (by the way - side note, i have read a couple of strange reviews here about the food being boring and making illusions to any thing said that is complimentary is personal PR and all I can say is you are either trying to sabaotage this place or are uneducated about food. The food is far from boring and is definaltey world class, unless you are looking for gumbo or tourist food. The chef does seem to know what he is doing and can compete with any fine retaurant in NYC, where I live. I don't know much about him but was told he is highly trained and it shows )

                When the Amuse Bouche was brought out, delicious, the servers didnt serve the correct way (left to right), and they served it to several people backwards. I personally ate mine wrong because the servers brought it out the wrong way.Also, a server was telling us what the 3 amuses were and spoke very poorly and unclear. It was annoying, 2 more of the servers wreaked of smoke... not just a little bit, but just horribly smelled. When I asked them which way to eat the Bouche, the server was unsure and left the table. Luckily someone at our table knew and we started off with the most delicate item, the soup and worked to the most flavorful, salmon and caviar. I can now see that is important because the salmon and caviar woulod have drowned out the other flavors. Anyway, poor job there.

                I began to look around for the manager, to ask him the proper way. When im spending $400 on the dinner, i expect to eat it the proper way. When i asked the server where the General Manager was, he pointed to a gentlemen in a Gotti suit who was sitting down and drinking with another table dining. Honestly, I WAS APPALLED. The manager was informed that we wished to have a visit, and NEVER came to the table. Instead, he sat there for an HOUR boozing and talking to one table. When he finally did get up to walk around, he did not check on any other tables. I went to the bathroom, to see him trash talking with the hostess up front about one of the customers. I wanted to say something, but im sure he wouldnt have cared, and he seemed to be a little intoxicated. Even if he wasnt intoxicated, the fact he was sitting down at a table for an hour like a GUEST and drinking would give off a false impression to everybody in the establishment. It was highly unprofessional and really annoying.

                Our Entrees arrived, all very timely for us and were served the wrong way, AGAIN! I was not served proper utensils by our server, and had to ask twice. He was very gracious and kind but clearly lacked training. I am tying that to the manager in the suit who was enjoying himself.

                THE ENTREES WERE INCREDIBLE! Mouth watering! Some of the best food I have had in the South The food was the saving grace of this experience. We enjoyed a perfectly cooked Beef Tenderloin, Butter Poached Lobster with Crab Risotto, Red Snapper with some amazing curry type of Ravioli, YUM! and Rabbit with Prunes that was savory with the perfect sweetness to it. We all tasted each others plates and all liked what we tasted! It was the perfect portions, and honestly we were so full we coulld barely eat dessert - but seriously, the food was great! I can see why some of the reviews I have read are wonderful and excited

                As far as im concerned, the service staff was sweet but untrained, a couple had unpressed shirts, they did not know the food, and could not direct us properly. they served backwards, they could not advise on the amuse bouche, the stunk of cigarette smoke and the only thing I saw of the manager, who I asked to come to the table was his hanging out at a table drinking or behind the hostess stand with the improper ditzy hostess (who does not do justice to this establishment...amateurish!). What is that Elvis song so popular in the South...a little less conversation a little more action please?!? What a putz.

                At the end of the night:

                Food: A+++++++ (highly reccomend going if you can look past the lacking service, because the food won't disappoint)

                Service: D (The servers were all very nice. They tried and with the right training can be great probably, but the GM was ostentatious and appalling in every sense of the word. If he is the owner, god help them all, he is disconnected and ego tripping.)

                I visit NoLA very often, but next time i want good food and SERVICE, I might just go to August where the servers don't smell bad and have pressed shirts and the front mamagemnet cares as much as back management - however the food is not as good at August...I was told that this was the best restaurant in New Orleans by a stranger who passed us by as we read the menu. It prompted me in the door. I think they could be right if the food stays that fantastic and the manager gets over himself and trains his staff to the level of August and other establishments in the area or if they get management that cares more...the devil is in the details. that is why the food is so good!

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                    Well, I found what I was looking for and what I had missed - dang, how could this thread have escaped me, all this time?

                    Thanks for the reviews and comments.

                    My "homework" is done. Now - to decide between the great options vs so little time between family events.



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                      I've not been yet but I confess to being intrigued by the description of the staff. Sounds like fun in a way. I remember one Quite Proper friend being horrified when our Antoine's waiter leaned on the table while taking the order. Her husband, who was a distinguished frenchman, was charmed by it.

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                        Now, I was hoping, beyond hope, that you could fill me in. Still, if we can sneak away from family, we'll give it a go.

                        Amazing how wonderful time with family cuts into our "fine dining" in the City, but we manage.