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Oct 7, 2009 07:55 PM

Buenos Aires meeting of chowhounds

Hello: My wife and I (two San Francisco chowhounds) will be in Buenos Aires from 14 November through 19 November. We plan on trying many of the places recommended on this board but we're wondering if any local porteno chowhounds (or others who happen to be in town) would be interested in meeting up and exploring the food scene. If this sounds good, please reply or email me directly at Looking forward to your replies.


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  1. We won't be in Buenos Aires until late February, but I hope you'll report back on the restaurants you visit.

    1. You could meet a lot of locals at the Rodi Bar which we frequented when we were there.

      1. You might have a chance to get some locals if you post on a travel board as

        1. BTW...we will be theremid January so I too hope that you post a report on your return....

          1. If you go to Casa Felix (which you should--it's great--you must reserve well ahead of time) you will likely meet some local hounds. Or Diego can point you somewhere where they gather.