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Oct 7, 2009 07:54 PM

Heart of the Hill Country

Any little cafes or chow experiences we shouldn't miss around Utopia, Leakey, Bandera, Medina, etc.?

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  1. From the SA Current Magazine...

    "Hill Country trailer nirvana

    Mark Jones
    Drive up to Tarpley. Step up to the window. Order the fried catfish. Relax.

    Mac & Ernie's Roadside Eatery
    Phone: 830-562-3250
    Address: Williams Creek Depot, FM 470
    Bandera, TX 78883

    By Mark Jones
    Mac and Ernie’s Roadside Eatery sounded too good to be true: High-quality food in the Hill Country served from a trailer that even FEMA might not certify. But the myth called to me like an idyllic taco-truck rumor, except with pan-Texas cuisine instead of al-pastor tacos, and the sounds of whippoorwills instead of busy street intersections. Or something like that; William Faulkner meets Anthony Bourdain should be part of the conversation....'

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      Be sure and check their website first for days and hours. Catfish is only seved Fri and Sat. Naylene usually posts that weekend's menu on her website on Friday mornings, but the catfish is always there. Also cabrito burgers--and she does a wonderful job with lamb, especially the chicken fried lamb (I know, SOUNDS awful, but it's SO good).

    2. Am told that the Medina Country store called "The Lick" ? serves a soft-serve Apple Vanilla Cinnamon ice cream that is to die for. Friends refer to it as "crack" due to it's addictive nature. I haven't gotten that direction far enough to try it. If you are in the neighborhood, it's worth a try.

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      1. re: EdLagniappe

        It's now called The Apple Store--used to be Adams' Apples after the previous owners surname. It IS the most incredible ice cream, and you can get it either softserve (be sure and add the warm cinnamon sauce to it!) or to-go in a pint or quart so bring your cooler, you'll want more! They also have great burgers and things like chicken quesadillas that you can eat picnic-table-style in a covered area or outside under the trees. I think it's open until about 3 pm most days or call to find out for sure 830-589-2202.

        1. re: Ms Ghost

          THANK YOU ... I never had good directions ... that helps a lot :-)

      2. If you're coming as far as Kerrville, try River's Edge, a Tuscan Grille, (lunch and dinner Tues-Fri; dinner only Sat.) one of the best places to eat in the entire area. Kerrville has some new places...GrapeJuice...a wine bar with appetizers, lunch and dinner and 20 beers on tap... Adriatic ...a Greek, Italian, pizza place in the historic Pampell Bldg.

        1. Hey all ... How about the Welfare Cafe ... I've heard great things about it ... but haven't had a wild woman to take up there to try it. W-F 5-21, Sa 5-22, Su 11-21 (I'd bet the aren't really open at 0500 ... those 5's should probably be 17's), supposedly pricey, need reservations on some nights. 830-537-3700 Anybody been there?