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Oct 7, 2009 07:41 PM

Breakfast Tailgating Ideas

Wondering if anyone had any good ideas/recipes for tailgating before an 11am football game? Breakfast burritos are great but would like to mix it up a little and try some new ideas. We're cooking on a Weber Spirit so the sky is the limit. Thanks!!

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  1. We are planning on doing some pancakes, bacon, eggs etc on our Weber Q200 with the grill attachment. Probably some memosas, bloody marys and beer of course.

    You could do some breakfast sandwiches also, anything folks can eat standing up and is good and free will go.

    1. At home create pepper & egg subs and bring the sliced cheese & bread with you. Assemble subs, wrap in foil and heat on your Weber until cheese is melted.

      Monkey bread is not gourmet eatin but folks love bread dough, sugar & cinnamon piping hot on a brisk day. The entire thing can be baked on the Weber in foil.

      Warm apple sauce, made ahead. A big tub of Greek yogurt with warmed apple sauce is a light breakfast (maybe some crunchy granola)

      So some hearty selections, some light....and don't forget the tin foil!

      Have fun!

      1. "Tube" meat of any kind are a must for tailgating any time of day.

        1. I always like to keep it relatively simple and do things like that can be cooked straight on the grill, as I hate bringing pans with me. Things like BLTs or Grilled cheese with bacon and tomato would cook well on a grill.

          Or, if you want eggs, I'd consider making poached eggs and as the mess and cleanup would be much easier. You can heat up the water in the pan on the grill and add to sandwiches.

          1. Scotch eggs could be made ahead, and they are great. How about an omelette bar?