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Breakfast Tailgating Ideas

Wondering if anyone had any good ideas/recipes for tailgating before an 11am football game? Breakfast burritos are great but would like to mix it up a little and try some new ideas. We're cooking on a Weber Spirit so the sky is the limit. Thanks!!

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  1. We are planning on doing some pancakes, bacon, eggs etc on our Weber Q200 with the grill attachment. Probably some memosas, bloody marys and beer of course.

    You could do some breakfast sandwiches also, anything folks can eat standing up and is good and free will go.

    1. At home create pepper & egg subs and bring the sliced cheese & bread with you. Assemble subs, wrap in foil and heat on your Weber until cheese is melted.

      Monkey bread is not gourmet eatin but folks love bread dough, sugar & cinnamon piping hot on a brisk day. The entire thing can be baked on the Weber in foil.

      Warm apple sauce, made ahead. A big tub of Greek yogurt with warmed apple sauce is a light breakfast (maybe some crunchy granola)

      So some hearty selections, some light....and don't forget the tin foil!

      Have fun!

      1. "Tube" meat of any kind are a must for tailgating any time of day.

        1. I always like to keep it relatively simple and do things like that can be cooked straight on the grill, as I hate bringing pans with me. Things like BLTs or Grilled cheese with bacon and tomato would cook well on a grill.

          Or, if you want eggs, I'd consider making poached eggs and as the mess and cleanup would be much easier. You can heat up the water in the pan on the grill and add to sandwiches.

          1. Scotch eggs could be made ahead, and they are great. How about an omelette bar?

            1. I was thinking along the lines of a quiche, fritatta or tart, that can be baked ahead and reheated briefly on the grill in foil.

              Or you can do the same with a french toast casserole, in a metal pan, and reheat gently on the grill. Or make it in a disposable alum. pan.

              And I would take the hot dogs, burgers, etc along with the sausage & bacon. I'm always ready for lunch, even at 11 AM!

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                We're doing quiche, ham biscuits and picking up "Hokies in a blanket" sausage filled pastries from a local bakery. We're also picking up our usual super sub, because regardless of time of day we have to have the sub.

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                  we also do ham...but usall country ham and beaten biscuits....and a pan of cheese grits..layer salad goes great with that stuff.

              2. I'll be tailgating for my third 11am game of the season this weekend (Go Gophers!). I made breakfast burritos the first time (italian sausage and potatoes, poured in eggs, add cheese, hot sauce...delicious) and chili last week. It's going to be FRIGID this week (probably low 30s when we get to the lot), so I think Chili might be on the menu again.

                I'd love to do biscuits and gravy some time, but I wonder how I could effectively make/transport biscuits to the game. Keep in mind, there is almost no chance I'll be making them right before I leave. The alarm is going off at 6am as it is...no desire to get up any earlier. :)

                Phurstluv, I like the French Toast casserole idea. Could you explain?

                For reference, we use a Weber Q200, which has a surprisingly large cooking surface (easily fits my 12" Lodge skillet).

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                  Sure, it's a night before thing, where you slice your bread, grease a large pan (13x9) and pour your custard ingredients right over it all. Cover and leave in fridge overnight. Next morning, dot it with butter & cinnamon, and bake at 350* for 45 minutes. Cut into squares and serve with warm maple syrup. If you need the actual proportions, let me know & I'll copy it for you. We have this almost every Christmas morning, at least since my kids were babies.

                  I have never used a pyrex on the grill, so I would use an alum. pan of the same size, then double wrap h-d foil on the bottom, so it won't burn. I assume his Weber is charcoal. like mine, but if it's gas, it's even easier to regulate the temp.

                2. Migas - Spanish style fried bread crumbs. Onion, peppers, chorizo, olive oil, stale bread, smoke paprika. And some patience, since you want it nicely browned but not burnt. Great with fried eggs.

                  1. Red Flannel Hash http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo..., I just made this and it was fantastic. Cook the potatoes and beets the day before and then while tailgating just fry the bacon and toss in the other ingredients--it'll just take one skillet. It's maybe a little more involved, but it's something different.

                    1. You could have bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon. Also, you can have english muffins with different spreads such as jelly, pb and nutella. If you are going to have a grill, you could have nutella sandwiches: grill nutella and sliced bananas...so delicious. Another favorite of mine is cold pancakes with pb or jam on them (or nutella). You can also bring some whip cream, too.

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                        It's a football tailgate party....not a PTA meeting.
                        (only kidding)

                      2. at home, prepare some almost hard boiled eggs (whites are set, but the yellows are still a little tender). on the weber, grill some brioche or a heartier bread and melt some gruyere on top, then serve with slice tomato and sliced eggs

                        or beer marinated tacos

                        1. Steak, Eggs, Home Fries (Boil the potatoes the night before).

                          1. I still vote for B-burrito's, they are my favorite. You could have different types of sausage , cheese and bacon have people build their own. Many people have some great ideas, but remember you want to make it in for the kick off, more ingredients, = more clean up. Our friend who is a master tailgater in San Diego brings a big tup of soapy water to rinse everything in.

                            You could use a flat top and make french toast that you prepared at home and allowed it to soak before you get to the parking lot.

                            1. I absolutely LOVE early games beacause it makes for an interesting twist to the tailgating experience. I rely on old Bot Scout tricks. 1. Bag omlets - requires a camping stove - place ziplock bags filled with eggs and anything else you want in a pot of boiling water. Prep onions, peppers, meats before hand and let the diners choose the ingredients. Put fesh eggs and the goodies in a ziplock (go with name brand because the el cheapos tend to melt!) and place the bag in the boiling water for about three minutes. Easy and delicious! 2. Box oven - if you don't know what that is Google it - they are GREAT and easy to make. You can use it to bake anything like you would in a conventional oven. Just remember, one piece of charcoal equals 60 degrees. Use the oven for biscuits, rolls etc. 3. Mimosas mimosas mimosas. 4. Bring enough food for the after party. You can enjoy the game then enjoy a second tailgate. Use the box oven again. I've made pizzas, enchaladas, etc. If you have a camping stove, you can bring pre-made spaghetti sauce and use the stove to warm the sauce and cook the noodles and bake breadsticks in your oven.