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Oct 7, 2009 07:37 PM

Who do you want to guest judge Top Chef?

I love seeing real chefs as guest judges on TC, such as Eric Ripert, Joel Robuchon, etc. I hate the actors/musicians/etc....(esp high maintenance vegan ones!)

Who would you love to see guest judge Top Chef?

My picks of the top of my head from the cookbooks I love the most:

Judy Rogers
Suzanne Goin
Thomas Keller
Marcella Hazan
---and while not chefs like the others, Chris Kimball and Mark Bittman

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  1. judy rodgers would be a great judge. zuni cafe is my first stop whenever i get to san francisco.

    margaret grade, chef/owner of manka's lodge, could be interesting. a tiny blurb on her rebuilding efforts would be extra special.

    traci des jardins, chef/owner of jardiniere, also gets my vote.

    bill buford, author of "heat...", knows his way around a kitchen. he also knows what tastes good. his opinions carry great weight in my household.

    david lynch is a wine guy, he also knows food. i would pay attention to his opinions. his book, vino italiano, is my "goto" wine book.

    and so on...

    1. Gordon Ramsay or Marco Pierre White.