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Oct 7, 2009 07:18 PM

looking for info on somethings!!

hi I'm new to the area and just went to the store, I found somethings that I would like to try, but have no clue what you might use them for. Here are some of the items I have found If you could send me some recipes that have them in it I would be happy!

green tunas

Never heard of them until i came down here, I am attending school in Chicago and would like to try them out
thanks again!

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  1. Wow you were certainly adventurous. A little about chayote. It is a gourd. Use it similar to summer squash. Peel it with a peeler. It will feel a little slimy, just wash it off. Discard the seed in the middle. The shape is closest to a pear, so cut it like you would cut a pear. I generally just sautee it if i want more crunch, or braise it. It can apparently be eaten raw, but never tried it. I would think too since it is pretty bland, not sure what flavors you'll get out of it raw.

    1. Nopal is cactus...used in Mexican cooking.
      Chayote or as it is called in New Orleans mirliton is as described by ms. chow. In New Orleans we like to stuff them, usually with a shrimp and bread crumb stuffing. I did not know it could be eating raw, but don't see why you couldn't.
      Green Tuna is the fruit from a cactus, this is also a new one on me.
      Yuatia is similiar to Taro root.
      Boniato is a sweet potato that has white flesh.

      I found this info using google and the search function here on the forums incase you want some more info, there was so good info.