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Oct 7, 2009 07:10 PM

Las Vegas: A Joel Robuchon Heads Up

A heads up for any serious local foodies or visitors in Las Vegas this week - Joel Robuchon will be in the kitchen at his properties at the MGM Grand. Have not heard of any particular specials that will be a part of the occasion, but for anyone that has wanted to give either of his places a try this might be an interesting week to do so.

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  1. Dang! We're doing his Soho, London restaurant in a couple of days. My timing always suks. Please report.

    A year ago, we did Soho and LV back to back. It was a toss up with pluses for each and few negatives.


    1. Can you give a reference on this news, QAW? I can't find anything on the Web. On which dates will Robuchon be in Vegas and in the kitchen?

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      1. re: Harry Nile

        The news came from the staff while dining at a Strip restaurant earlier this week. I just did a search for some kind of confirmation, and did find this from the "Las Vegas Advisor" by Anthony Curtis -

        • October 6, 2009 JR in the House at MGM: Or, in the kitchen, we should say. Joël Robuchon is in town and cooking all this week at his eponymous restaurant at MGM Grand. Expensive, yes, but this is a chance to sample the cuisine of who many rate as the world's best chef.

        1. re: QAW

          In a town where people like Norm Clarke notice every has-been celebrity drifting past, it's hard to understand how someone as famous as "Joël Robuchon ... [whom] many rate as the world's best chef" could spend a week fussing over foams in his Michelin-starred restaurants with no one reporting it except the "Las Vegas Advisor." If you run across further confirmation, please post -- thanks.

      2. We ate at L'Atelier last Feb when JR was in the house.
        My wife bought his cookbook and he signed it for her.
        He came out and exchanged pleasantries with us while we were leaving.
        Chef Benjamin seemed nervous the whole night.

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        1. re: zippyh

          I ate at joel robuchon on sunday oct 4th and the host confirmed that was joel robuchon's first night in vegas. He said the staff was very nervous.

        2. Time to bump this one - Robuchon will be in the house from February 14th - 21st, for anyone visiting around that time, or any locals that want to plan ahead.

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          1. re: QAW

            Damn it, I'll be in town March 5,6,7,8th, dining at his restaurant on the 5th.

            1. re: QAW

              I'll be there then. Do you happen to know which restaurants he'll be on which nights? Or does he go back and forth typically? Thanks.

              1. re: mcgrath

                He was back and forth the evening we were there last year.