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Oct 7, 2009 06:08 PM

Upper West Side Sandwich Place?

I will soon be forced to endure a cross-country flight home from JFK, and seek a substantial and delicious sandwich with which to amuse myself for the duration. I'm staying at Broadway and 75th--anyone have a recommendation for a particularly good sandwich shop in the area? It could be any sort of sandwich, but it needs to be tasty! Big's good, too--long trip. Took a look at the Manhattan board, but the best bets seemed to be in Brooklyn: do I really have to travel that far?

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  1. Why only a sandwich? Go to Zabar's, Fairway or Citarella and get a baguette along with salami, variety of cheeses, pate ... have a picnic in flight. I did this on a trip to Paris once, along with a bottle of wine (in the days when this was still possible) Admittedly, it helped that we were two and knew we would be seated only two across on board.

    1. I've had airplane picnics before. About a year ago, however, my *entire* repast (from an Italian market local to me) was confiscated. The airline safety employee told me that there was an "elevated terror level" and I couldn't have even a little bit of it. I thought that was weird.

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        hhmmm, maybe a hungry security worker with good food instincts ... ;-)

      2. I like UWSgrazer's suggestion of buying some picnic ingredients! (Do include a stop at Salumeria Rossi for Italian cured meats, too.) If you do want something premade, Bruno Ravioli has lovely sandwiches and grilled/roasted veggies, salads, etc... I think these days, it's fine to carry solid foods on board flights. Liquid is still not allowed... unclear where things like pudding stand, but one nice security guard let me bring on some salad dressing to go with my salad on the condition that I drizzle it on before I went through the line.

        1. When I was in the mood for a big, hearty sandwich in that neighborhood, I'd take a short train ride to 107th/Amsterdam for big Mexican tortas that I would enjoy for the better part of a lazy afternoon. Were I in a more hypertensive mood, I'd stop by Barney Greengrass for an H&H bagel loaded down with smoked fish and cream cheese or Big Nick's for their >16oz. Sumo Burger, though the latter was mainly because they deliver.