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Oct 7, 2009 04:51 PM

Breakfast options in Catonsville/Arbutus/Halethorpe?

After breakfasting in the Pikesville/Owings Mills area for quite some time, am now trying to stay close to home and eat a decent breakfast in any/all of these areas. Maybe, even Glen Burnie near the MVA. Or even Linthicum. Any suggestions? FoiGras

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  1. Double T Diner in Catonsville is a classic, but gets terribly crowded. Shirley's Family Diner at the former IHOP at US 40 and Ingleside is also good. Ate one time years ago at Leon's Triple L in Arbutus - food was OK but the old-time Bawlmer atmosphere was priceless. Not sure if it is even still open.

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      Shirley's Family Diner ( used to be IHOP ) does a really good job with your basic pancake and breakfast fare.....very reasonable/ excellent friendly service....not to be confused with MIss Shirleys of Roalnd Park....totally different.

    2. I'll double up on the Double T. Classic diner food. If you want to stay closer to the Glen Burnie MVA, there's the HoneyBee Diner on Ritchie Highway. I've never been to that one myself, but I have good secondhand reports.

      I've also heard delicious things about Dusenberg's on Mellor Avenue in Catonsville.

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        Third for the Double-T in Catonsville. Pretty reliable. The Forest Diner next door is not great, though. Duke's Deli on Route 1 just south of Dorsey Road and 100 looks rough from the outside, but has one of the best and cheapest breakfasts around. Steak and cheese is pretty good, too. El Nayal near there has a great huevos rancheros if you're in the mood.

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          The Forest Diner is next to the Ellicott City Double T, not the Catonsville one.

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            My mistake. I get 'em mixed up sometimes.

      2. You've got to make a stop by Paul's in frills, good food; right on Oregon Ave next to the Arbutus movie theater.

        1. Although I have only eaten lunch there, the breakfast menu at Duesenburgs American Grill in Catonsville looks fantastic.