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Oct 7, 2009 04:45 PM

seaweed question

I'm trying to find dulse flakes, but I can't seem to find it in the Asian groceries close to me. Has anybody seen this product anywhere?

I'm trying to make vegetarian fish sauce, and Mark Bittman's recipe calls for dulse to provide the briny, fishy taste.

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  1. I'm not in Boston but I've seen dulse flakes at most health food stores instead of Asian markets.

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    1. re: Val

      Thanks for the tip. I'll check out the health section at WF next time I drop by.

      1. re: amy_wong

        I'm sure it will be wherever the sea vegetables are stocked.

    2. Maybe try Harvest Co-op at Central Square.

      1. They have it at Whole Foods. Don't know about all locations, but in Woburn and Medford it's with the other Asian ingredients, in a small cylinder about the size of a salt shaker.

        1. Thanks for the pointers. I went to Super 88 in Malden but couldn't find it there. I'll try WF next now that I know what container to look for.