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Oct 7, 2009 04:43 PM

Sun Tung Lok, Happy Valley, HK - How's the food these days?

About 25+ years ago, before the days of Ah Yat, Forum, Fook Lam Moon and Michelin stars, Sun Tung Lok was THE go to place for high end top notch Cantonese feast. 4-8 head abalone as well as sharksfin, with strands the thickness of chopsticks, was a common sight. I recall a friend of mine once told me that his father paid over HK$20,000 a table to entertain Chinese government officials! And that was over 25 years ago!
I was surprised to read that they are still around after all these years! In addition to their usual well known dishes of mega-expensive sharksfin and abalone, the article also mentioned that their Dim Sum still follows the traditional approach of preparation. eg, Har Gow has the mendatory 11 folds per dumpling!
Has any fellow chowhounder given this old stalwart a try recently? How's the food?
Thinking of giving it a long overdue visit next March?!

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  1. I keep wanting to go since I literally live only a block from this place. But somehow I keep missing the chance... Will report back once I've had their dim sum. Don't think I would pay for the shark's fine and abalone though...

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      Thanks Peech! Looking forward to the 'Master's' report!!!

    2. OK Charles, JUST FOR YOU... Sherman and I went to Sun Tung Lok with some friends for dim sum today. Overall I thought the quality was very high, certainly among the top in Hong Kong for me. With one lunch experience each, STL definitely kicks the butt of the so-called 3-star LKH.

      But I probably will stay away from ordering the expensive stuff...was never a big fan and certainly not gonna change just for this place!


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        Read your review. Looks awesome. Will see if I can give this place a try this coming weekend for dim sum. Was curious, since you can't make reservations there how long was the wait for dim sum?

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          Didn't realize you can't make reservations at STL...we went around 1ish and didn't have to wait at all.

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            I think I remember reading on Openrice there is no reservation option but as long as there is no wait I'll definitely give STL a go this weekend for dim sum :)

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          Thanks a million my friend! Food looks good, definitely worth a try. I'll see if, yourself, Susan, HK traveler, Steve, Fourseasons, klyeoh.... et al would like a luncheon chowmeet there during my next visit?!

        3. They have closed down in HV and moved themselves to TST, I think in the Mira?

          1. Decor-wise, not quite exquisite as they used to be years ago, but still good food. :)

            1. We really enjoyed the dim sum at Sun Tung Lok a few months ago but had a terrible meal there last week. For example, the pork buns were dry, chewy, and clearly pre-made and re-steamed, and the signature stuffed suckling pig skin was deep fried almost to the point of being burned.

              Why is it so hard to find a restaurant that is consistently good? Is Fook Lam Moon the only one?

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                I had the same experience with the Dim Dum at Fang Tang. In March, I went there with a few hounds and it was excellent and top notch. But then I went back there just two weeks ago; it was just above average, not terrible as per your experience though, but really disappointed after expecting a similar standard that I had in March. And we ordered mostly the same dishes too; but the execution just wasn't there. Wonder if it is just an isolated incident or a change of chef?