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Oct 7, 2009 04:35 PM

Finding Sichuan Peppercorns in Las Vegas

I was over at Little Asia today (Spring Mtn. Rd.) and stopped in three markets, Kings Market was the one I don't remember the other two names, and none of them sold Sichuan peppercorns. Any idea where I can get these here in town? East side of town is better for me but I'd rather just pick them up than order them on the internet. Thanks.

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  1. I bet they had them at the 3 places in Chinatown you stopped in, just in one of the aisles you wouldn't expect to find them. But the International Marketplace at 5000 S. Decatur (at Tropicana) has them for sure, I picked some up there a couple of months ago. Good price, too. Info here http://lasvegasfoodadventures.wordpre...

    1. Yes, yes yes!! If you are free this wekend (Oct 9-11) head out the The LV Reniscance Faire. (not joking) There's a great dealer of herbs and spices that always has a booth there, and the prices are very good. I end up spending at least $50 each year. I belive they are called Dragon's Egg or something like that.
      They were the first place I was able to buy Sichuan peppercorns in Vegas. LOL, funny but true.

      They are at Sunset Park, $10 to get in for the day. Totally worth it, IMHO

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        Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely try and check out the fair, I'm right around the corner from there.

      2. do you have any friends that are chefs in vegas? italico carries them.

        1. I wanted to let you know that I saw them at The International Marketplace on Trop and Decatur, on Tue 10/13. Look also for "Prickly Ash" buds. I saw an industrial-sized bag for less than $7!! They should be all over the place there.

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            Thanks, I'm gonna head over there this weekend and TRY not to spend too much money.

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              Oh, I totally know the feeling! I went with the idea of spending only $10 on one thing, but spent close to $50!! They are starting to get the holiday foods in from Germany like the marzipanstollen.

              On a side note, if you like Mallomars, when you first walk inside, they have a huge display of German-made candy that blows anything else i've had like it away! The chocolate enrobing the marshmello is really rich and dark. I have become utterly addicted to these, and will have to go back in a week to get more!

              I love that place so much!

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                I'm with you on that, Honeychan. The European Christmas foods they get in at the International Marketplace are just so much fun. I bought some German spice cookies last year that I wish I had saved the label so I could find them again this year. But it seems no matter what I go there for I always walk out spending $50. And sometimes that's 5 or 6 bags of "stuff" from all over the world for $50. The Asian ramen noodle selection there is amazing fun to browse through (yes I know it's a load of MSG, but it's a bit of a fun guilty pleasure).