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Oct 7, 2009 04:04 PM

Chinese Take-out in Belmar/Avon area

sometimes we just feel like having some good old chinese take out food. We have tried most places in the area and everything is just so-so to down right bad.

Anyone have any recs of a good chinese take out place in the area?

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  1. I'm Chinese and the year that I worked in Belmar was SO HARD because I could never find decent Chinese take-out! However, I managed to find one place, Szechuan Tokyo in Sea Girt, that used good quality ingredients, were clean, and had good service all around. They do Japanese and Chinese and were the only Chinese take out place in the area that was pretty good. It's in a strip mall but the inside is bigger than it looks, clean with hibachi tables as well.
    2204 Highway 35 # 4
    Sea Girt, NJ 08750-2323

    (732) 223-8860‎

    1. We lived in Avon for a year. Let's just say that sooner or later one gives up on the idea of Chinese food when living in the 07717.

      Szechuan Tokyo isn't awful, but . . .

      1. I was hoping someone had some Chinese places to recommend - I thought I missed one but I guess not. I've tried it but have to give Szechuan Tokyo a shot.

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          try the one in the foodtown plaza in neptune city - think it is called great wall - reminds us of the food we grew up on in north jersey -

        2. have heard Jade Garden on Main Street in Lake Como has become very good, but I've yet to try it... anyone?

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            Jade Garden is OK-good (the hot and sour soup is pretty good and the most sinus-clearing I've ever had), but haven't had enough of their food to say .. definitely better than the other option, Triple Green, down the street.

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              We like Jade Garden. Respectable Chinese food. Anyone know about Far East Taste in Eatontown?

          2. Yummy Yummy on 35 in Neptune (opposite Ocean Grove gates) is OK, but I agree that good or better Chinese food is a lost cause in that part of NJ

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              Chinatown Kitchen in Bradley Beach is usually OK.
              I think the food was better under the old owners but it is still
              fine for takeout.