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Oct 7, 2009 03:57 PM

Mobile Chowdown Seattle

Hi 'hounders,

's my first post. I was looking for info on this event and was surprised to see no post about it.

Anyone hear bout this event? It is this Saturday, October 10. I understand it is going to be from 11am-3pm at 1616 W. Bertona

It is supposed to be Marination Mobile, Skillet, Maximus Minimus, Gert's BBQ, El Camion, Parfait Ice Cream, Dante's Inferno Dogs all in one spot.

Is this the first time this happens?
Anyone thinking of heading there?


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  1. interestingly, i tripped over it trying to fin otu the Marination schedule. I know nothing else except the location!

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    1. re: bluedog67

      This is the info from Seattle Magazine

      What: Mobile Chowdown -- a gathering of some of Seattle's favorite food trucks.
      Who: Marination Mobile, Skillet, Maximus Minimus, Gert's BBQ, El Camion, Parfait Ice Cream, Dante's Inferno Dogs and Kaosamai Thai
      When: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 10
      Where: 1616 W. Bertona (Interbay)
      Cost: No ticket fee for the public; just the cost of the food they order
      Bring your own: If you want to hang out a bit, byo lawn chair.


    2. I'm heading there because I can never match my schedule up with Marination. I have tried Skillet, Maximus/Minumus, Parfait, and Dante's Hot Dogs previously- all are delicious*

      1. I'm a little worried this is going to be a shitshow...

        I mean, I've sat at Skillet for over 30 mins waiting for a burger when it wasn't even that crowded... (I guess Max/Min, Camion and Dante's have always been pretty quick, but I've never seen them when they were slammed.)

        I might swing by, but I'll have a back up plan in case it's ridiculous (Mike's Chili Parlor? Counter Burger? Fighting Cock?)

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        1. re: GreenYoshi

          Yup. Waaaaay too crowded to be enjoyable.
          Got a delicious couple of "taster" cones at Parfait though, which was the only place without a ridiculous line.
          (Their Meyer lemon ice cream is divine!! I'll have to keep trying more of their stuff)

          Although on the bright side, I went up the street to the Irish Pub (Mulleady's) on Dravus and had one of the better burgers I've had in Seattle. Nice soft bun, great meaty taste.

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            Yea, it got pretty crowded... but if you showed up early (like we did) ;) then not so bad... we did marination, the dog dude, and skillet before it got jam-packed. then taster parfait cones. skillet rocks big time. we are saving max/min for a non-packed day...can't wait to try it...

            1. re: chickenluv

              Great concept but unfortunately these type of food operations cannot handle the crush of the people that were there. It's not their fault, they just aren't set up for it. Arriving at 11:30am did get to do Skillet (Poutine - excellent), El Camion (gorditas - great), and Parfait ( caramel ice cream - sorry, just ordinary). Lines were ridiculous for Marination Mobile when we arrived at 11:30am. Waited too long to try Maximus Minimus as it too got pretty crowded. I didn't think they did a very good job setting up a system for the individual lines as they seemd to mix after awhile. Probably wouldn't do something like this again unless there was double the number of vendors.

        2. We hauled the pups over. It was obscenely crowded and we got there before noon. We probably should have just left but we didn't imagine it would take that long. When it did take that long, stubborness kicked in and we all refused to leave before we had something to eat.

          Our approach was to divide up and conquer. I got in the Gert's line, my husband got in the Marination line and the eldest pup got in line for the orange Thai food truck. The smallest pups snagged seats and held them against all odds.

          By the time I got almost to the front of the Gert's line, they were out of ribs. By the time I got to order, they were out of chicken--people in front of me snagged the last order. So I got the GBC and some hotlinks, a corn bread and a potatoe salad. The GBC was awesome, the hotlinks pretty tasty, the cornbread reminded me of the old Martha Washington mix my mother used to make and the potato salad was sadly in need of salt. Did I mention the GBC was awesome?

          There was a bit of confusion with regard to eldest pup's Thai order: He was sure that I said "Wait in line, get the pad thai and then, when you get the food, give each of your siblings a teeny tiny bit before you scarf everything else down. Be sure not to leave a morsel for your dad or I . . ." when in fact I said, "wait in line, get the pad thai and bring it back to the table so we can all try it." In other words, while he said it was good--I have no comment. Need I say it, he was still starving after he ate it.

          The last deal was the marination order. Husband ordered a 2 taco 1 slider combo and a torte. It took an hour to get to place the order, it took at least 30 minutes for the order to appear [and probably longer]. When it did appear, the pork taco and slider were awesome, the torte fantastic. I would have also ordered the kimchi fried rice but he didn't. Looked good though.

          When we left---about 2pm--the lines were still all across the parking lot. Many places--gerts, skillet, marination--were basically out of food. As an experiment it was fun but it was VERY clear that somebody VASTLY underestimated the turn-out. the beset part, as far as I am concerned is that now I have a list of the best trucks and where they hang out so I can try each of them in turn in a more relaxed atmosphere.

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          1. re: jenn

            A bunch of us tried to go....we got there a bit before 1 PM. The food police were hassling Gert's for not having the right permit. Plus they were out of everything except the hotlinks. Someone said Parfait was about to be shut down. We asked folks in line about the waits at Skillet (35 minutes and counting) and Marination (an hour to place the order - and then another wait for the food). We gave up and went to Chinooks instead. Had a lovely crab louie and a glass of wine.

          2. We got there at 11:15 and the crowds were already forming. I'd been wanting to try Skillet, so that's what I hit. I got the feeling that they'd pre-cooked some burgers as mine was a little dry. I'll give them another try, though. My wife hit Maximus/minimus and I thought it was OK.

            By the time we left at 11:45, the line to M/M and Marination Mobile was an hour easy. The crowds had increase 5 fold in 30 minutes. Hopefully, this can become a more regular event so that all of the trucks don't get pounded with an onslaught of people.