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Oct 7, 2009 03:46 PM

Seven days in Boston and Salem

Yes, it's another one of those "what to eat while we're there" posts.

Our son is off to college and we will be taking our first trip to the Boston area as a couple. Never been to this part of the country, wanted to get your ideas regarding
seafood, north end Italian and dessert places. We have no car and will be using public trans but we understand Boston is a great walkable city.

Understand that Salem may not have the best food places but any recommendations would be welcome.

Empty nesters from Hawaii

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  1. I took a globetrotter friend visiting from Alaska to Salem a few years ago. We had lunch at Finz on Pickering Wharf; my meal (roast haddock - which was flabbily baked) was blah, hers was very good (seared ahi tuna, wasabi-dusted french fries). At the Peabody-Essex Museum (which is drop dead fascinating) coffee shop, she had what she said was the best corn muffin she'd ever had, and she has traveled to every continent (yes. Antarctica included).

      1. In Salem, don't miss The Grapevine and 62 on Wharf for upscale, and the Old Spot, Witch's Brew and In a Pig's Eye for more casual/pub style food.

        1. Four of us ate at Sixty2 on Wharf in Salem this past Saturday, and were extremely impressed. My expectations were not particularly high, probably because as much as I love going to Salem (very) regularly, I have yet to find a dependable “go to” place to eat there. But our meal was a success from beginning to end on all fronts.

          1. I agree with recommendations already posted for Sixy2onWharf. I haven't been to Grapevine lately, but consistently hear good things. If you're in the mood for Asian, Fresh Taste of Asia has excellent food. And I recommend a stop at A&J King bakery for breakfast pastries, bread, and other goodies. Their coffee is wonderful. You can read reviews of several Salem restaurants on our blog.


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              I second the A&J King recommendation. Everything I've tried there has been fantastic. Their tea is also very good. Not food-related but I also second the recommendation for the Peabody Essex Museum when you're in Salem.

              I hope you have a wonderful trip!