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Oct 7, 2009 03:44 PM

lunch in Ellicott City -- suggestions?


I'm searching the board for a good lunch place in Ellicott City. I am looking for a place that is relatively quiet and a middle price point. Good food, of course, is paramount. :)

I've seen reviews on the board of Diamondback Tavern, Rumor Mill, Fuji, but the menus aren't slaying me, and I'm seeing mixed reviews. Anything else I should consider?

Many thanks.

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  1. venera--try the Rumor Mill. It is a delightful restaurant. Hubby and I dined there in July for dinner and were quite impressed. I just looked up their website, and it appears as though they do, indeed, serve lunch.

    For our dinner, my hubby chowed down on an excellent salad. My asparagus fries were wonderful. The sous vide duck was quite succulent. All in all, a very favorable experience. FoiGras

    1. If you want Korean food, try Bethany Seafood Restaurant or Shin Chon Garden -- both on Rte 40. Both have great food. Shin Chon is certainly classier, and I think they have a lunch menu. (This Yelp review mentions one:

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        1. Diamondback Tavern would fit your requirements. We had a lovely Sunday brunch there a few weeks ago.

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            Would Diamondback Tavern be appropriate for a well behaved 2 year old? Not sure if it's a real bar, or more of a pub. Thanks!

          2. near ellicot city on rte 40 at rolling road is a fantastic authentic hunan restaurant called Hunan Taste.

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              Hunan Taste is nothing short of remarkable. We began with ground pork and Chinese cabbage soup, based upon a chicken broth. Simple, but so fresh, recommend to one and all. Also had Chairman Maos's braised pork belly and Country bumkin chicken. The food was sublime. The combination of flavors that accompanied the meat, including star anise, cinnamon, whole garlic cloves, and dried red chile peppers interacted with the pork to create a classic dish. The Country bumkin chicken consisted of charred bone-in chicken pieces stir-fried with celery, capsicum puppers, and fresh and dried chli peppers. It equaled Chairman Mao's favorite dish.The wisest course of action would be to eat here as much as possible.