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Oct 7, 2009 02:41 PM

MSP vietnamese?

Does anyone know of a vietnamese restaurant in the MSP area that serves "wrap your own"? You get a plate of meat, lettuce, herbs, and cold noodles to wrap in rice sheets. I've often had it where the rice wrappers come hard and you have to soak them in a bowl of water.

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  1. Hoa Bien on University and Lexington has exactly what you are describing. You even get a hot plate to cook your raw beef or shrimp.

    1. I've had that at Mai Village, although it was a few years ago. Afterwards I decided it would be easy to do at home and haven't been out for that dish since.

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        I wasn't very fond of the texture of the rice paper myself. I prefer my spring rolls fried. But at least the vegetables, herbs, meat and shrimp were all very fresh.

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          This isn't a specific reply to your question about making your own spring rolls, but in my opinion, Mai Village is grossly overrated. I find it to be very expensive for the amount and quality of food you receive. I think you pay more for the decor rather than the food.

          1. re: linfr21

            The Mai Village version will run $11-15, depending on the meat you want. I enjoyed the meatball version ($11), which runs $1-2 more than a dishes with similar ingredients at other restaurants. FWIW, I think the decor is quite nice.

        2. Que Nha on University Ave in St. Paul.

          1. Saigon on University as well. Look in the appetizer section, it's the only one over $5.. feeds 2 as a meal, 4-6 as an app. The pork balls that go inside are fantastic.