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Oct 7, 2009 02:14 PM

at65 cafe at Alice Tully Hall

I'll be at ATH Saturday with two friends. We would love to dine their after our 6 p.m. screening, as part of the NY Film Festival. They don't take reservations, though, so I imagine there could be a big rush to get a table once the film lets out. I know I would make my life simpler by simply booking a table at a nearby restaurant but it would be nice if we could score a table, especially since one person is visiting from out of town. Any 'hounds with experience to share in getting a table right after an event lets out?

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  1. We've only been before shows, uwsgrazer, but I'd love to hear how your experience went. Sorry I didn't see this thread beforehand to help brainstorm a fallback.

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      hey, cimui - always a pleasure to hear from you! I ended up booking a table at Pasha (after Salumeria Rosi didn't pan out). We thoroughly enjoyed Pasha; food, wine, ambience and service were all very agreeable. Fwiw, at65 looked pretty crowded when we left. I suspect we would have had a wait for a table.

      We spent most of Saturday at ATH (three events). I actually feel ambivalent about at65. While it would have been fun to sit at a table and soak up the atmosphere, the cafe space is so open it strikes me as a bit cold. That's the feeling we had at breakfast one day. I thought maybe it would be nicer in the evening but now I'm not so sure. I definitely like the space, in concept, and do intend to visit for lunch or drinks / dinner one day. But given the no reservations policy it's probably easier to do independent of a ticketed event.

      Curious to hear about your at65 experience.