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Oct 7, 2009 02:08 PM

Best Omakase in the Boroughs?

Who does the best omakase in town? I've been to Taro and Koto (on Henry), which are both great, but I know what to expect there and want something a little different. I'm looking for a real special-occasion place for my b-day that will wow me with something new, high quality and above all, deliciousness.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks!!

(also posted to Manhattan board)

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  1. I'd just typed up a request for you to describe Koto's omakase and then I realized you were writing about Henry St. My favorite delivery is Koto on 6th ave. One of these days I intend to sit down there for an omakase dinner. My standard delivery order of Sashimi deluxe ranges from very good to outstanding. I'd love to hear about anyone's experience of omakase there.

    1. i had a really nice experience at linn in astoria (broadway at 29/30). good mix of sushi. sashimi and dishes from the kitchen. i would not call it a special occasion place, though. if i recall correctly, it was about 50 pp before drinks.

      1. Blue Ribbon Sushi, on 5th Ave perhaps? Quality is v good, and it's a nicer room than Taro.

        1. When requested on the weekends, Taro will prepare a very unexpected and delicious omakase.

          My question... has anyone ever ordered an omakase at Hibino? they have delicious and delicate sushi, but I have never thought to ask about off-menu fish.