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Oct 7, 2009 01:57 PM

Fresh herring

Anyone know where to get fresh/or salted herring that's not sweet?

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  1. I actually enjoy the fresh pickled herring in wine sauce at the Berkeley Bowl. (They make their own.) It's in the refrigerator across from the fish counter.

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      1. re: lihsiawang

        wow, you're sensitive. I've not thought of it as sweet - but traditional eastern european herring does use some sugar for the pickling process.

        1. re: escargot3

          I'm the same way. Although pickled herring isn't candy or anything, there is a definite difference in taste between a fresh and pickled herring. A really fresh herring has a complicated flavor that tends to get obscured by the pickling liquid.

    1. I got some that was pretty good at one of the Russian delis on Geary. I think it was Gastronom but I'm not 100% sure which one I went into. The fish I ended up with was vacuum packed/pre-gutted and came from the fridge, but they do have whole fish available if you, in the owner's words, "want to make a mess."

      1. Pickled at Costco Novato.

        If it's too sweet, drain it and refill it with vinegar to your taste.

        Now, fresh, raw herring ? Supposed to be a very good run, who has it for sale ?

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        1. re: greatferm

          I'm eager to get my paws on fresh raw herring to pickle on my own.

          Please post if you find it.

        2. Monterey Fish $5.50 a pound.

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            I'm pretty sure fresh herring (and sardines, too) were 3.50 a pound today.

          2. La Bedaine had cold smoked herring today - made in the same style as his usual trout. Quite tasty. 10 fillets (5 fish?) - $5, I believe.