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Oct 7, 2009 01:43 PM

Apple picking in Westchester/Fairfield

Planning to go apple picking this weekend. There have been threads on chowhound about farms, but there doesn't seem to be any consensus on the best places to go. I look forward to your recommendations based on the following criteria:

-we are coming from Stamford so any place within an hour or so would be great
-preferably somewhere without the NYC crowds
-nice, picturesque views
-good variety of apples at reasonable prices
-hayrides and a corn maze would be great, bonus points if they have some festival this weekend
-winery onsite would be super bonus points (i read about warwick winery, but not sure how their apple picking is - thoughts?)
-non-commercial atmosphere, but still lively and refined (blue hill or vineyard feel)


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    1. re: krystle920

      Have you done a search? There's a recent thread with good descrptions of a lot of nearby places.

      In any case, I would steer you away from Outhouse, which can be a complete zoo and is filled with city people up for a day in the "country."

      Blue Jay is definitely more like what you're looking for, though I don't know about a nearby winery; in any case you can go into Bethel for lunch and Dr Mike's ice cream (always worth a trip).

      Lyman Orchards in Middletown is fantastic for pick your own and beautiful views over the CT river valley. They usually have lots of varieties of apples to choose from, and probably pumpkins, too. Call their hotline (860-349-6015) to find out. The store has lots of good stuff to buy, but it can be a madhouse. I think they have a corn maze.

      Let us know how you do!

    2. krystle - there were just too many requirements!

      outhouse orchards (just off rte 684) has apples and there's a winery across the street or next property over, but no idea if they (winery) are open and no idea about hayrides/festivals this weekend.

      blue jay orchards in bethel has the hayride to the pumpkin patch, but last year they got rid of the hay (due to people's complaints about allergies - which seems ridiculous to me...if you're allergic, DON'T GO ON THE HAYRIDE!). various types of apples to pick but you didn't define your idea of a reasonable price, so i don't know if you'll think it's worthwhile. we think the cider and especially the cider doughnuts are FABULOUS! there's a corn maze in nearby newtown, ct....but no festival and no winery.

      eta: try this link:

      have a fun time, wherever you go.

      1. I was just reading about a place in Highland NY called Dubois Farms, it sounds like fun with Free contests, Free hayrides, Free corn maze, Free visit with farm animals (I'm reading this off their ad. They also have BBQ lunch and cafe and homemade cider and donuts and music. Here is their website,,,,,,
        I believe Highland ny is in Orange County, there are very few pick your own apples in Westchester, the only one I know of is Wilkens Farm in Yorktown, here is theri website......
        also here is a site for pick your own throughout southern ny.....

        1. went to Buddist Temple in Carmel . Had lunch there at noon. We then(planned trip)drove to Fahnstock(sp) at Beekman road exit. We were on our way to RTE 7 for an apple picking farm. At least 7 miles of bumper to bumper traffic on a two lane road, unraveled our calmed, Buddah influenced minds(couldn't last too long anyway). We stayed on the rd.(apple picking line)for about 20mins. and then just turned around and drove back to Tarrytown(home) Similar experience last year. what time do you need to go apple picking? Is it like going to the Hamptons in the summer on a Fridaynight on th LIE????
          any recs?