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Oct 7, 2009 01:32 PM

Good cider donuts close to Boston?

I need some moderately good cider donuts but only know of places that are 45-60 minutes from Boston. Are there any closer places where I could find a few dozen donuts? Thanks!

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  1. Wilson Farms in Lexington makes them fresh outside on the weekends. I think they're pretty tasty.

    I've also seen cider donuts at the Copley Farmers Market (Tuesdays and Fridays).

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    1. re: ChocolateMilkshake

      Agreed, Wilson Farms has some tastey donuts and they aren't far from Boston at all.

    2. I'm also looking for great cider donuts close to Boston - even far from Boston I haven't found any that compare to the ones I used to get from cider mills in Michigan. I've tried the Copley Square farmers' market ones and wasn't impressed. They tasted kind of stale, and you couldn't really taste the cider. I also tried Wilson Farms' donuts (packaged) - they weren't being made fresh when I was there - and I wasn't impressed with those either. The taste just wasn't that great. I hear that Ohlin's in Belmont is supposed to have great cider donuts, but they were sold out by the time we got there last Saturday afternoon. I think she said they sold out around 10 am...

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        I am also from Michigan and have been relatively unimpressed with the cider donuts in the greater Boston area. That all changed last weekend when I visited Wilson's farm and tried one of their fresh donuts. I think you'll find that their donuts are much better when you get them right out of the machine in the garden center. It seems that they only offer the fresh donuts on the weekends, but I could be wrong. I've tried the cider donuts from Ohlins and wasn't overwhelmed....they were good, but paled in comparison to others and especially when compared to some of the other donuts at Ohlin's (e.g., the jelly filled and boston creme donuts).

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          Michigander here as well - I thought the Wilson Farms' cider donuts were as good as my back-home favs like Wiards or Dexter Cider mill. :)

        2. re: ikt

          I think I can help but only far from Boston. Crosby's Bakery in Nashua, NH on East Pearl Street makes great cider donuts. Definately fresh, they're excellent dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

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            Good news to report: I made the trek up to Cider Hill in Amesbury on Saturday, since it's one of those places that gets great reviews but I hadn't it tried yet, and their cider donuts are fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for, just like those you can find in Michigan (my place was Spicer Orchards in Fenton). We also got their cider and caramel apples, which were delicious as well. Plus, it turned out to be not much of a trek - it was only a 40 minute straight shot from Cambridge, taking Route 1 and 95 N, about a mile off the exit. : )

          2. I treated myself to one from Sportello last week and it was the best cider donut Ive had in a long time. I dont know how accessible they are for a dozen or so...but I enjoyed my one :-)

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              Honeypot Hills Orchard in Stowe. Though it can be a zoo, the high turnover keeps the fresh, warm donuts coming!!

              1. re: justbeingpolite

                That was the best cider donuts I had. I ate the whole bag and felt a little gross after, but they were so hot and yummy.

            2. Cider Hill Farms in Amesbury. Circus-like atmosphere on a nice autumn weekend, but fabulous cider donuts, often inhaled before we can leave the parking lot. Also the most varieties of apples around (lots of rare varieties, and a reliable source for the Northern Spies I demand for my pies and dumplings), plus local produce, cider, honey, even organic meats, and PUMPKINS!

              1. They have them at the Sun. Harvard Sq. farmer's mkt too but they obviously lose some punch when they've been sitting around. Altho they're not packaged so that helps.