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Oct 7, 2009 12:41 PM

Las Cuatro Milpas- Finally made it [San Diego]

After much anticipation, I finally made it to Las Cuatro Milpas Saturday for lunch. While I will say it was not 100% to rave about, I think it is worth the trip, if for nothing other than to support a 70 or so yr old family owned restaurant.
we showed up at about 11:30 and as expected, waited in line for about 45 minutes. They did mess up my order (realized when I got home) though I ordered way to much food I wasn't to upset. Here's what I ordered.

Chorizo con huevos (it seems they gave me rice and beans instead, but they were the best part of the meal. I believe it have pork in it as well)
Rolled tacos- all in all ok, except they put tomato sauce at the bottom of the plate, causing really soggy rolled tacos. My least favorite of the trip.
Pork Tacos- what can I say, the tacos were great (though one negative was the tortilla/shell with out any meat in it seemed under cooked. not sure if this is a usual thing or just a bad taco.
Tortilla's were amazing....I should have gotten a dozen
Warning the hot sauce is HOT. I am a fan and thought it was good, but it did catch me off gaurd at first, so a warning to those who aren't huge spicy fans.

All in all I'd give it 3+ stars...The food was half great/half ok...but as a local favorite, I'd recommend a trip to any local...atleast once.

Las Cuatros Milpas
1857 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA

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  1. I am a huge Las Cuatro Milpas fan for many years but have always eaten on the premises and feel that any place that you are ordering 'to go' loses a lot of its splendor when not eaten immediately..
    Their hot sauce is wonderfully hot and it takes even me by surprise because its a super kick ass salsa..the hotter the better and the tortillas are sent from heaven.

    Hopefully, Fake Name will chime in too..miss you bro!

    1. The Chorizo con huevo is bean based - they mix the egg and sausage in with the frijoles de la olla.

      Rolled Tacos would get soggy if youre bringing them away.

      Their tacos dorados are great.

      They make a style of Sonoran cuisine. You should really try their menudo Saturday morning. Its my favorite Menudo in SD.

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        I did not catch Chorizo (or not like Chorizo I've ever had) and it was heavy on Rice and Beans...But if that is what it was...Definitely something I'd recommend. Was absolutely Delicious.

        Next time I will likely try the Menudo (however I went with my mind set on chorizo). I will say that simply walking through the dining area, about 10 of 16 people I saw eating all had Menudo...for sure a good sign.

        1. re: kare_raisu

          Alex - you went without me! I'm glad, just bummed I missed a chance. ;-)

          I agree that any Mexican food taken "to go" loses some of its value on the ride home - next time eat in, it's part of the experience anyway! I have not been there in WAY too long.

          1. re: Alice Q

            Great to see you posting Alice have a fab blog too!

            1. re: Alice Q

              I agree...but had to get home for the Charger Game : )

          2. Milpas is an SD institution totally deserving of the hype. Love it all the time. The tacos, the tortillas, the beans, the friendly sisters running it. We are all very lucky that they don't charge three times as much as they do. Even then it wouldn't come close to being expensive. Much respect to the deliciousness.

            Don't forget a carnitas burrito at El Porvenir, just around the corner, on your way out of Barrio Logan. It's a religious experience.

            1. I have never thought of taking the meal home. I did however used to work with a lady who like the tamale so much that she actually saved a bite size portion to take home for her husband to try.

              I like the rice and beans with the tamale and tortillas. It is called hot sauce for a reason, it is hot, it is not salsa.

              1. The original comment has been removed