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Oct 7, 2009 12:11 PM

SD..Where's your favorite place to get a Chile Relleno?

I LOVE chile relleno's and really enjoy them at Fidel's in Solana Beach there all puffed up with a ranchero sauce and melted cheese with a scoop of sour cream..
Where do you go for your chile relleno fix?

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  1. Super Cocina
    La Cocina de Maria
    Taqueria Las Brisas

    1. I used to get them at Bety's Tacos in Encinitas

      1. For chiles relleno I like whatever I can get. I mean, it's a chile with cheese and an egg batter around it. So, how can you really go wrong?

        El Indio makes a very nice standard rendition. As does Fidel's, for a nice sit down. Super Cocina's is beyond excellent, but you lose a bit of crunch since it is smothered in some sauce.

        I want one right now.

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          I seem to run into chiles rellenos that are sub-par all the time. In fact, when I am testing out a place I haven't been to before, the chile relleno is the deal maker/breaker. For one thing, sometimes the chiles themselves are NOT pre-singed and peeled as they should be (raw chiles rellenos?) Another problem I've encountered is the cheese; Velveeta is NOT my idea of an authentic filling--it should be Mexican queso fresco or panela or--well, not American cheese! Next is the problem of the batter--too fluffy or not fluffy enough? And, while we're at it, what about the oil it was deep fried in? Is it fairly fresh? Is it at the right temp so the batter doesn't get soggy, or, alternatively, burn or over-crisp? A good chile relleno needs but a spoonful of salsa fresca and a sprinkiling of queso cotija on top! No heavy saucing, please. The excellent chile relleno is joyful comfort food! And I can hardly ever find one!

        2. Seafood chile relleno at Rancho's Cocina

          1. Tacos el Panson, Highland and El Cajon Boulevard in City Heights. They use poblano chiles.

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              Good to know that. Poblanos are much better, I think, than anaheims. More depth of flavor and more room for stuffing.