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Oct 7, 2009 12:10 PM

Elevation Burger Montclair

I went in with an open mind, because I had read they, like 5 Guys, served thin patties that they insisted on cooking on past medium. I asked for the flagship Elevation burger, two patties with cheddar, with their standard topping mix-pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and their signature sauce. I asked if they could cook it rare, and was told no, they cook the burgers on a timer. I politely asked if they could just take it off the griddle sooner, and received a polite no.

I asked if they were proud of their grass fed, ground on premises meat, and she replied they were, but can't cook rare. She seemed well drilled in her response, so I didn't take it up with a supervisor or manager.

I also ordered their fries, which are very skinny cut and cooked in olive oil.

Result? A hamburger that needed all the lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and special sauce-because the burger patties brought me back to the cafeteria line in junior high. Tasteless, dry, hard patties. The cheddar was just placed on the meat on the bun, because it didn't melt onto the patty. The fries were unpleasantly oily, but I'll leave out my preference for thicker cut fries.

I went in wanting to like the place, becauses I like Montclair and I like the idea of the place. But for the same price I could drive to the Stage House in Scotch Plains and get a great burger, cooked rare, more meat, served on a better bun-and be able to buy a beer to go along.

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  1. Or in Montclair, hit Tierneys - priced right, good beer, and rare if you want it.

    Oh, and 5 Guys is on its way to Montclair too!

    1. 5 guys to Montclair?? NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Montclair is getting all chained-up!

      They need a taqueria like the one in Upper Montclair.

      1. I have to disagree. I thought these burgers and fries were the best I have had in a very long time.

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        1. re: DEBBIE07204

          Honestly, we were underwhelmed. The burger, well done and all, was tasty, but nothing exceptional. But the fries, cooked in olive oil (olive oil??? seems like you shouldn't deep fry in an oil with a low smoke point, but...), quickly went limp and more than a little soggy.

          Admittedly, we took our food to go, and while we live about half a mile away, that probably did nothing for the food quality. But the burger itself didn't seem to match Five Guys. And in the end, neither can match the flavor of a good pub burger. Cooked as you like it.

          1. re: stevenb30

            take out is never as good as eat in
            fries got steamed they are far far superior to 5 guys
            the thing to eat at elevation is the veggie burgers the best i have ever eaten as well as a shake
            if we could add the meatburgers of 5 guys to the rest of elevation that would be the ticket
            i also found elevation to be pricey
            but then again i am broke

        2. i agree that the elevation burger is too well done needs to be cooked pink
          the fries are awesome and the shake is wonderful

          big tip tho is that the veggie burger is the very best veggie burger i have ever eaten

          5 guys needs a better drink selection and the fries arent as good as elevation
          their burger is also too well done, claim it is not allowed to be cooked pink by corporate
          so much for the customer is always right